Why Salt Water is Good for Blackhead Removal

Why Salt Water is Good for Blackhead RemovalYou needn’t spend a lot of money to get rid of your acne and blackheads and the secret natural solution is right in your own home. Salt water for acne and blackheads is a very basic and easy natural remedy which can help you have clearer skin.

How Does Salt Water for Acne and Blackheads Work?

Your skin will best benefit from natural remedies instead of chemical solutions. If you have mild to moderate acne or if you are plagued with blackheads, salt water can be your best friend. Instead of making use of chemical treatments which may cause irritation, dryness, peeling, and other unwanted effects, consider using salt water for your skin concerns.

Salt water has the natural ability to kill bacteria because it reduces their chances of surviving longer on your skin. It is for this same reason that salt is used for food preservation–to kill bacteria and prevent spoilage. When you use it for your skin, you kill acne-causing bacteria in a much milder manner!

Despite the bacteria-killing effect of acne, it also has a natural soothing effect which actually nourishes your skin. Salt that hasn’t completely melted can act as a kind of natural exfoliator which can help reduce pore blockage and oil buildup. Since salt water has a mild drying effect, you can expect less oil produced on your face—this will ultimately lead to less breakouts. The texture of your skin will also have a natural improvement after some time when salt is used as for cleansing.

Benefits of Salt Water for Acne and Blackheads

Your blackheads are small, uneven bumps that appear as impurities on your skin. They are a kind of acne which can be more easily treated compared to pustules, nodules, cysts, or nodes. Blackheads come from blocked pores that are filled with oil and dead skin cells. Using salt as your natural cleanser can help kill bacteria and reduce blockage of pores from oil buildup.

Here’s how you can use salt water to clear your blemishes:

  1. Take some sea salt, about two teaspoons of it, and place it in a cup or any clean container.
  2. Dissolve it in about eight ounces of water. Another good combination would be about a heaping tablespoonful and a small cup of water.
  3. Wash your face as you regularly do and pat it dry.
  4. You can now use your saline solution or salt water for clearing your blemishes.
  5. Take a clean cotton ball, dip it into the salt water, and lightly spread it all over your face. You can add some pressure particularly on problem spots to let the saltwater get into your skin more.
  6. If you feel comfortable with it, you can leave it to dry, or rinse it after a few minutes.

Observe your skin and if you notice excessive drying or irritation, you can counter it with your moisturizer or stop using the salt water solution for a while. You can do this every other day or as needed until you see results.

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