Why Olive Oil is Good for Acne

Why Olive Oil is Good for AcneOlive oil has been used for culinary as well as herbal health purposes. Did you know that olive oil also happens to be one of the best home remedies for acne?

What Makes Olive Oil a Great Acne Remedy

Instead of just using olive oil as a salad dressing or a healthy cooking oil, you can show some love for your skin by purchasing a good bottle of extra virgin olive oil and using it as a topical acne remedy. Here are the qualities of olive oil which make it one of the best home remedies for acne:

  • Antibacterial – Olive oil has antibacterial properties and unlike chemical cleansers which you can feel are hurting your skin, olive oil can gently kill bacteria and reduce acne breakouts. This helps promote easier acne healing.
  • Anti-inflammatory – If you have mad pimples all over your face characterized by swelling and redness, olive oil’s anti-inflammatory properties will soothe your skin and calm the redness that you observe. By leaving it on as a night mask, you will see a significant improvement on your skin condition in the morning.
  • Moisturizing – Olive oil is one of the best kinds of oil you can use to moisturize your hair, nails, and skin. Spreading it in a thin layer on the affected areas will reduce scaling, and can give your skin the moisture that harsh cleansing products strip off. Olive oil is easily absorbed by the skin and with just a few drops, you will notice the changes it can make. Moisturized skin heals better, and if you have acne scars, the increased suppleness from using olive oil as a moisturizer can help naturally heal your skin.
  • Antioxidant – When consumed and even when used topically, polyphenol, which is a kind of antioxidant, can help give you added protection from cellular damage to your skin. It acts as the natural moisturizing agent from olive oil which is responsible for its long-lasting moisturizing effects.

How to Use Olive Oil as an Acne Remedy

You can use olive oil as a leave on moisturizer at night. After your normal cleansing routine, take a cotton ball and put a few drops of olive oil which you will be spreading on your face. Allow it to be absorbed for a few minutes before hitting the sack. In the morning, make sure you wash your face thoroughly so as not to build up a layer of product over some excess oil in your skin. You will notice the softness in your skin immediately.

If you are a fan of homemade facial scrubs, you can use olive oil as the soothing liquid base for your scrub so that your sugar grains won’t be too harsh on your skin. It helps you have a gentler exfoliating experience without sacrificing the purpose of removing dead cells. By moisturizing right after exfoliation, you are supporting better skin healing.

Try out olive oil and see the natural and positive effects it can offer you after you use it regularly!

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