Why is Black Currant Seed Oil Good for Acne

Why is Black Currant Seed Oil Good for AcneIf you suffer from acne and it seems like every other remedy you have tried hasn’t worked, why not steer clear of the drugstore shelves for a while and try something more natural? There are many natural remedies out there that have proven to be very effective in helping aid acne breakouts.

From aloe vera gel to tea tree oil, there are so many natural acne remedies to choose from and one acne remedy you should not miss out on would be the black currant seed oil for acne. You might not have heard of it before but you will learn about it here and you will want to try it.

What is Black Currant Seed Oil?

Black currant is a woody shrub that is native to Western Asia and northern Europe but also grows in North America. Black currant oil comes from the seed of the berries. Black currant seed oil for acne is not associated with a high level of toxicity but it is said that long term use may interfere with other medications so it is best to check with a professional before you make use of black currant oil to help remedy your acne breakouts.

How to Use It

Now if you want to turn to black currant oil to help remedy acne, there are a couple of ways that you can do it. It is up to you and your skin care doctor to figure out which method will work best for your acne breakouts.

One way that you can try black currant oil for acne is to take it in the form of a pill which you take as directed in the bottle or as directed by your doctor. Generally, you can take up to two pills a day so that it is easier to digest and you get the most benefits.  You can take one pill in the morning before you break your fast or you can choose to take it at night.

If you do not want to take the pill, you may also apply the oil directly on your trouble spots so that it can kill any acne-causing bacteria and its anti-inflammatory properties can bring down the swelling and the redness of your breakouts.

The reason why black currant oil works so well for acne is because it has properties that help protect the body from free radicals that might just bring about acne. Another reason why it works so well to eradicate acne problems is because it contains essential fatty acids that help the body fight off bacteria that might cause acne breakouts.  You will notice a lot of improvement in your acne situation if you give this oil a try.

Once you have decided that you will give this remedy a try, it is in your best interest to look only for the best and purest black currant oil in the market. You can check online or you can check your local health food stores for this particular oil.

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