Why Homemade Soaps are Better for Acne and Your Skin

Why Homemade Soaps are Better for Acne and Your SkinWith the number of skin care products available in the market, people sometimes wonder why others would rather make their own. Especially for soaps for acne, the number of different kinds in the market ranges from cheap to expensive, with different kinds according to your skin type. But there are a few good reasons why you should think twice about grabbing those soaps for acne off the shelves and just start making your own soap in your kitchen.

Avoiding Harmful Ingredients

Making your own soap at home gives you the liberty to choose from the wide array of natural ingredients available. A lot of commercial products contain synthetic ingredients that could be harmful to your skin. In making your own soap, you are assured that every single thing that goes into the soap you create is safe.

Choosing Your Own Ingredients

If you create your own soaps for acne at home, you can choose the components to make the end result perfect for your skin. As different oils and herbs address different issues as well, you can at least make sure that only ingredients that would solve your acne problem go into each soap you make. For those with sensitive skin, you can adjust the mildness of your soap accordingly, giving you the chance to enjoy essences that you never enjoyed before because of the harsh chemicals mixed in with commercial soaps.

The Effects of Glycerin

Most commercial products do not have glycerin, which helps moisturize the skin. Glycerin is actually a by-product that is obtained through the saponification process. The absence of glycerin causes commercial soaps to dry the skin out after continued use.

More Value for Your Money

Making your own soap at home could actually prove to be more cost-efficient than buying commercial soaps. Ingredients used for soap making are now available at more affordable prices as more and more people take interest in making their own soaps at home. The safety and effectiveness of homemade soaps only add up to its actual value, especially once you think about the long term. Because homemade soaps are safe, the chances of having to worry about any adverse effects become slim.

Tips in Making Homemade Soap

Now that you understand why making your own soaps for acne is better, here are a few tips that you should consider once you get started on the process:

  • Always follow your recipes. Slight mistakes could cause your soap not to turn out the way you want it to be. Be especially careful in measuring your oils and your lye because any miscalculation could end up in disaster.
  • Be careful in handling lye. Lye is a very strong substance that could burn your skin so make sure you are fully protected when handling it. Use tools that would not react with it adversely.
  • Similar to wine, soap also gets better the longer you allow it to age.

Now that you have a few good reasons to make your own soaps for acne, find a recipe of your choice and get started.

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