Who Gets Acne More: Men or Women?

Who-Gets-Acne-More-Men-or-WomenAcne usually starts during puberty, as the hormones in your system start to cause chaos on your skin. However, this does not stop there. For a lot of people, acne growth continues well into adulthood, this time caused by a lot of other reasons aside from hormones. What causes acne would often vary, especially between men and women.

What Causes Acne in Women

There are many factors that contribute to the growth of acne in women. Hormonal issues still play a big role, as women have a monthly cycle that highly increases the chances of breakouts. It is also a known fact that women tend to use more products on their face than men, and this contributes to the growth of acne as well. Makeup for example, as well as the lack of proper maintenance after applying makeup, is among the top reasons why women have acne problems. A lot of the skin care products that women use also contain ingredients that are too harsh on the skin, causing the skin to become irritated, inflamed, and highly susceptible to the spread of acne.

What Causes Acne in Men

Men are often more active than women, and this becomes a problem because of its effects on the skin. Frequent exposure to the sun makes the skin more sensitive, and the sun’s UV rays activates a lot of threatening factors that affect your skin’s health. It triggers the overproduction of sebum for example, which is one of the major causes of acne growth. Shaving is also a big factor, especially if the razor you use is not well-maintained. Dull razor blades cause the skin to be irritated and improper shaving causes the skin to dry out. Improper cleaning could also add up to the amount of dirt that your skin has to battle everyday, causing pores to become clogged.

Acne Growth: Men versus Women

Based on studies, women experience acne more often than men. Obviously, the regular monthly cycle that women go through plays a big role in the statistics shown. The fact that women use more skin care products than men ironically is a big factor as well. Regardless of age bracket, the data still shows that women will always have acne more frequently than men. For those in their 20s for example, 50.9% of women are reported to suffer from acne compared to 42.5% of men. In their 30s, 35.2% of women have acne while only 20.1% of men do. In their 40s, only 12% of men are seen to suffer from acne while 26.3% of women still face the same problem. Remaining consistent, 15.3% of women in their 50’s suffer from acne more compared to only 7.3% of men.

Despite the differences in number, maintaining healthy skin remains constant both in men and women. Proper cleansing plays a big role, as well as extra care in choosing the products that touch your skin. Seek for a skin care expert’s help regularly and open yourself up to bigger opportunities of having smooth and clear skin for the long term.

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