Which are the Top 3 Yoga Poses for Acne Treatment

Which are the Top 3 Yoga Poses for Acne TreatmentWith today’s overwhelming power struggle, clutter, and strenuous demands, stress can get into you and leave you in perfect chaos.  Striking that healthy balance is indeed a tricky feat. It’s a good thing that yoga keeps it all simple and functional. Yoga is a traditional form of holistic treatment so yoga asanas for acne work on focused breathing with the integration of meditation and exercises that can be traced back to the early years of civilization. This has been popularized in today’s modern culture as a health and fitness regimen which benefits all the major subsystems of the body and provides balance to its overall energy flow.  People are well aware of its health benefits for the mind, soul, and body; but it is surprising to note that many top celebrities and influencers integrate yoga to their beauty and wellness program for weight loss and more so as a beauty fix for acne and other skin dilemmas.

Studies show that one of the major predisposing factors for acne is stress. The development of acne can also be attributed to hormonal changes especially during puberty, adolescence, pregnancy, or menopause.  Men are also prone to acne but are not as frequent with that of women. Other typical factors that may trigger acne formation would include lineage, skin care products, diet, as well as other environmental or lifestyle factors. Facial blemishes are also linked with problems of indigestion. Yoga poses for acne work by increasing the blood flow especially in the face which aids in the renewal of facial muscles. This also helps flush out harmful toxins from the body which provided the skin with essential nutrients that it needs for a supple, clear, and glowing skin. Clearing wastes from the body actually helps all the major organs; specifically the skin being coined as the largest organ of the human body. Yoga exercises mostly comprise of stretching and breathing exercises that promote good blood circulation to achieve a healthy skin.

Top 3 Yoga Poses for Acne Treatment:

  • Uttanasana – This stance starts out in a standing position with hands on your hips. Do alternate inhalation and exhalation motions. As you exhale, you simultaneously bend forward and reach the floor with your fingertips. Relax your neck and head. Bring your hands back to your hips as you move up and proceed with inhalation and exhalation.
  • Viparita Karani – This is also called “headstands”. Prop bolsters or folded blankets on the floor near the wall. Raise your legs straight up with your head on the floor (resting on the blankets). Spread the arms wide to your sides with palms up. You can also place your hands under your head. Relax the facial muscles and abdominal area. Do inhalation and exhalation shifts for at least 10 minutes. Slide down and move into a relaxed sitting position.
  • Pavan Muktasana – Also referred to as “The Wind-Free Pose”, this asana technique starts with a lying down position. Your back should touch the ground and your face is looking sideways. Palms should touch the floor and the entire body should be in a straight perpendicular line. Next, you raise the legs and bend them on your knees. Move the legs near the chest and then hold on to the right knee with your left hand while the left knee is held by the right hand. Stay still in this position for about 5 minutes.

Yoga, despite its multitude health benefits, is not tailor-fit for everyone. People with severe back problems are not advised to do yoga exercises for acne. It is recommended to seek expert medical advice to procure the best treatments that would be right for your health requirements and acne condition.

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