Which Are the Best Acne Products over the Counter (below USD 20)?

Which Are the Best Acne Products over the Counter (below USD 20)What do you do when you discover that once again, you have a nasty acne breakout? Sure, there is that moment of blind rage and panic but for most people, the next move would be to speed off to the nearest drug store and start looking for anti-acne products in the hopes that one of them will banish their acne.

If such a scenario is a familiar to you, chances are you will also agree that choosing from the vast array of acne products in the market can make it quite tricky to land the best one. However, when dealing with acne, you want the best acne products on the market and as it happens, there are some very good ones in the drug store. Sure, they are not specialized and they do not come in systems but they do come with ingredients that are known to deal with acne effectively enough.

Try to check out the list below since it is all about the best acne products in the market, specifically the drug stores.

Best Acne Products on the Market to Try

Kiss My Face Breakout Botanical Gel®


This is a wonderful gel that works as a very effective on-the-spot acne treatment that works wonders even on delicate and sensitive skin. It has tea tree extracts and other organic ingredients that make it a winner. This acne gel is free or fragrances, SLS, parabens and other harmful chemical fillers.


Olay Pro RX Clear Acne Protocol Kit®


This is a system that has older acne sufferers in mind and is definitely one of the best ones you can find out there. This is a system that is gentle enough to use twice a day and will not cause any drying or redness to the skin. Watch as this system not only deals with your acne breakouts but also with your wrinkles because yes, they can occur at the same time.


Neutrogena oil-free Acne Stress Control Power-Scrub®


Neutrogena makes some of the best acne products in the market and this is one of their very best ones. This scrub has a very creamy and non-drying consistence and works wonderfully on teenage acne-prone skin.  This product comes with Neutrogena’s microclear technology and also contains salicylic acid as one of its active ingredients.


Clean & Clear Advantage Mark Treatment®


This is one of the very best spot treatments for people with acne since it not only helps fade redness of acne breakouts but it also helps prevent scarring. In fact, some users have reported that it also helps fade acne scars. Most users apply this at night so they wake up to better skin with less redness and lighter scars. It contains salicylic acid and witch hazel extract that make it extremely effective. Next time you have an acne emergency, try reaching for this spot treatment.


E.L.F. Zit Zapper®


Most of you will already know about makeup products from ELF® and how cheap yet wonderful they are. This Zit Zapper® is another winner from ELF® and the best part is that it costs a mere $1. Most people who have tried out this product say they like how it dries out zits but does not cause the skin to flake. It contains salicylic acid, witch hazel, and tea tree oil too.


These are just some of the best acne products in the market and they will do in a pinch if you have run out of your special acne products or if you are looking for a quick fix that will not cost you too much money. The fact that they are all below $18 is sure to be great news too.


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