What Your Acne is Trying to Tell You

What Your Acne is Trying to Tell YouOne morning you wake up with acne all over your jawline and a week after you wake up with a giant pimple on your nose. Some of your friends develop acne on their cheeks while yours are all over your forehead. The big question here is this: is there a rhyme or reason to where acne develops on your face?

According to a phenomenon called Face Mapping there actually is something behind your acne and the places on your face where they show up and it has ties to your health. Face mapping blends Ayurvedic and Ancient Chinese traditions with cutting edge technology to bring you a new way of dealing with acne.

Check Your Acne, Check Your Health

Forehead acne this is the type of acne you get right in the middle and all over your forehead. This is the really irritating type of acne but a natural acne remedy for this zone is to take care of your liver. According to TCM experts, acne breakouts in this area usually mean that your liver is overworked and not functioning optimally.  It will help if you slept at 10 and woke up at 6 so you give your liver time to rest. You will also want to drink lots of water so your body flushes out toxins.  Getting 20 to 30 minutes of outdoor exercise on a daily basis will also help do way with acne. Of course, following a skin care regimen will also work wonders.  Try a natural acne remedy like tea tree oil to bring down the swelling and redness.

Zits on the temple area – you wouldn’t know it but zits in the temple area (including under-eye circles) point to dehydration and a problem with your kidneys so drink up! You will also want to eat less processed foods and reduce the amount of unhealthy fat in your diet. Try to practice better hygiene especially if you tend to sweat a lot of wear lots of makeup.

Acne between the brows – acne that grow on this spot signals some trouble with the liver so it may be a good idea to cut the grease and dairy from your diet. This is the zone where food allergies most often show up so check the labels on the food you eat.

Breakouts on your nose – this is the acne zone connected to the heart and if you break out frequently in this area, best to have your blood pressure and Vitamin B levels checked.  Cutting down on your intake of spicy and pungent food will also help and so will getting more fresh air. Look for ways to lower your cholesterol intake and you will notice a decrease in breakouts for sure.

Acne high on the cheeks  this is the area connected to the respiratory system so if you smoke or suffer from allergies this is sure to be your problem area. One natural acne remedy for this is to eat more alkaline foods that will lower the acidity levels in the body.

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