What Scrubs Can Do to Your Skin

What Scrubs Can Do to Your SkinIn an effort to keep your skin clear and younger-looking, it will not come as a surprise if you use a number of skin care products regularly. The usual fare would be an assortment of cleansers and exfoliants, with different ingredients that depend on the type of skin that you have, as well as on the skin issue you wish to address. Scrubs for acne are also very common and is usually one of the default products that people use once breakouts start to occur.

How Scrubs Work

Scrubs are a form of exfoliant which makes it an essential part of skin care. Regular exfoliation is necessary because through this process, your skin is renewed and kept younger. The process involves the removal of the dead skin cells that stay on your skin’s surface, making way for new skin to be exposed. Simply put, scrubs for acne stay true to their name by scrubbing the old skin that triggers the growth of a lot of skin conditions and keeps your skin as young as possible. Dead skin cells are one of the factors that cause pores to be clogged, causing acne to start growing and spreading. It also allows other skin care products to penetrate easily into the skin without having old skin clocking the entry points.

Are Scrubs Safe?

Although the fact that exfoliation is important is already a given, the question still remains if scrubs are safe to use especially for those who frequently experience acne breakouts. There has always been a belief that scrubs do a lot of good because of how smooth and soft the skin usually feels after using a facial or body scrub. However, scrubbing, especially when done vigorously, could be very bad on the skin. Scrubbing has the tendency to irritate the skin and could actually increase the chances of a breakout. If you already have acne, scrubbing can make it worse and could cause it to spread as well.

Your Alternatives

If you have gotten used to scrubbing and are unsure of what else to do, you actually have a number of other options. You can try light chemical peels if you are on the go, as this could usually be done in less than an hour and does not require any recovery period. You can also try salicylic acid, alpha hydroxyl acids, and different kinds of retinoid. However, if you absolutely feel that you would rather stick to your scrubs for acne, then you can minimize the risks by being extra gentle as you apply the scrub on your face. Choose the ingredients on your scrubs for acne as well, making sure that none of the ingredients are too harsh on your skin.

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