What is Urine Therapy for Acne?

What is Urine Therapy for Acne?Acne can be a persistent skin condition. For individuals who have tried almost everything they can without any effect at all, trying unconventional methods such as the urine therapy for acne is something which they may not hesitate to do. Although it sounds really peculiar and probably even unsanitary, there are actually people who do this method to clear their breakouts.

History of Urine Therapy

Using urine for medicinal purposes is not a new thing. It has been used in several civilizations before, but its origins are said to be traced to India. Today, Indians still practice it as a traditional alternative medicine. It is believed that drinking your own urine is associated with traditional yoga practices which date back to 2000 years.

How Urine Therapy for Acne is Believed to Work

Those who practice urine therapy believe that when a persona applies urine topically to certain skin ailments or when taken internally, it can help make acne disappear and can even function to soothe sting symptoms. While it certainly sounds repellent, there is a growing number of anecdotal evidence that this alternative treatment is quite effective.

Initially, it is understandable to think that urine is a waste product—because it is—and that it is counterproductive to use to clear acne. However, when considered in a more detailed manner, urine proponents are actually the products of blood filtration. This means that excess nutrients from the body are actually present in urine. When you think about it, it is similar to how fallen leaves can function as fertilizers and how urine, when applied topically or ingested, can help promote clear skin. Residual substances in urine include but are not limited to minerals, vitamins, hormones, antibodies, and enzymes.

How to Use Urine Therapy for Acne

According to S.K. Sharma, author of Miracles of Urine Therapy, massaging the affected areas with urine can help clear acne. This can be done up to four times a day, paying particular attention to applying in the morning and evening. Massaging the affected areas three to four times daily with urine can help reduce acne. Others drink urine from the morning and right before they go to sleep.

According to other studies, urine also has the ability to counter the pain from marine creature stings. It also helps simultaneously improve healing. This is made possible because of urine’s pH acidity which breaks down the toxins from the sting, countering the painful sensation.

In connection with the skin, the main ingredient of urine is urea and this actually has antibacterial properties. Because of this, it can have antibacterial effects that may counter acne-causing bacteria. Urine quality is based on a person’s diet though the effects may also vary greatly. This is why before considering this kind of therapy for acne, it is a must to consult your physician or dermatologist first. While it can be effective for some, you should remember to consider your skin condition and overall health before trying it out.

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