What is the Link between Probiotics and Acne?

What is the Link between Probiotics and AcneDo you find that the products you slather on your skin do not make a dent on your breakouts? If that is the case, you may want to worry more about what you put inside your body than what you put on your skin. After all, when your body is not healthy or there are imbalances in your system they tend to show up on your skin.

You may wonder what kinds of food you should eat if you want acne-free skin and the answer is easy! You just have to eat the good food and avoid any junk that contains excessive amounts of oil and fat. It will also be to your benefit to try probiotics in your diet. After all, studies show that taking probiotics and acne-free skin are related. You do not have to take any fancy medication because you just need to know the right probiotic food to consume.

What are Probiotics?

Without going into too much detail about it, probiotics are good bacteria or supplements that encourage the growth of micro-flora (good bacteria) in your gut. That might sound disgusting but bacteria—both good and bad—are present in the human body.

The truth of the matter is you would want micro-flora in your gut because they are responsible for many amazing things. For one, they help in breaking down food to turn them into short-chain fatty acids that the body uses for fuel.  These good bacteria also help boost the immune system and protect the body from falling to the constant attacks of bad bacteria that lead to inflammation in the form of bloating, painful joints, irritable bowels and acne!

The balance of bacteria in the body is crucial for proper digestions. If the digestive system isn’t working as it should then the body cannot get rid of toxins or absorb nutrients properly. These are two factors that are important for skin health and so you can see the link between probiotics and acne.

What Foods have Probiotics for Acne?

  • Yogurt – This is perhaps the most popular food item which contains probiotics. When you shop for yogurt in your local market, steer clear of the ones that have too much sugar and artificial flavoring. It is better to go for natural yogurt with no added chemicals and contain “live and active cultures.”
  • Kombucha tea – This is a fermented tea that you can find in most Asian stores. When you look at kombucha looking all bubbly and alive, that is just the good bacteria at work. Word of warning though—this tea stinks!
  • Miso soup – If you cannot partake of dairy products (yogurt) and find kombucha a bit too exotic, then grab a bowl of delicious miso soup! This tofu and vegetable soup is very low in calories but has tons of probiotics.
  • Sauerkraut – Who knew that this delicious, pickled cabbage dish is also rich in probiotics? Now you can enjoy your sauerkraut knowing you are taking in probiotics and acne breakouts are about to end.

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