What is Acne Dysmorphia?

What is Acne Dysmorphia?Acne could be very disconcerting and has the tendency to affect a person’s confidence level. Sometimes however, the need to look perfect and have clear skin becomes an obsession. This is the case for people who suffer from acne dysmorphia. No matter how many acne treatment tips you give, people who suffer from this condition have deeper issues that need to be addressed.

What is Acne Dysmorphia?

Dysmorphia is defined as the condition where a person feels that the different parts of their body are ugly. Those that suffer from it have a very negative and distorted image of their own bodies, something that has psychological roots. From this definition, acne dysmorphia is a state of mind where you believe that your skin looks horrible. Those who suffer from it would always look at the mirror in an attempt to find imperfections on their skin.

What Happens to People with Acne Dysmorphia?

More often than not, people who suffer from acne dysmorphia look at ways to treat the physical imperfections that they believe they see instead of changing their state of mind. This often turns into self-inflicted pain as they try to fix their physical imperfections on their own. Some would endlessly pick at the smallest blemishes on their skin until it bleeds, making the case worse than it really is. They follow acne treatment tips endlessly even if they do not apply to them. Often, people with acne dysmorphia are unaware of their condition. In some cases where the person might be aware, they are often too scared or too shy to admit their thoughts and feelings to their physician.

How Can You Help?

As with any other bodily or mental condition, seeing the signs right away is the most crucial step towards improvement. If you know somebody who always feels that there is something wrong with their appearance even if nobody else agrees with them, try to observe them more attentively. Talk to them and give affirmation on their appearance and try to make them feel that they are truly beautiful. You may notice the person checking on their appearance all the time, while others could also be on the opposite side of things and avoid looking at themselves in the mirror altogether. Others would wear excessive amounts of makeup in the effort of hiding the imperfections that they see. You could also notice them obsessing over the smallest mark on their skin. If you know someone who displays these symptoms, refer them to their physician or to a mental health counselor. It is always better to seek help before things get more serious and harder to fix.

Are You One of Them?

If you are someone who has the same issues, don’t hesitate to ask for help. No matter how many acne treatment tips you follow, the issue will stay if the root cause is not taken care of. Your physician understands what you’re going through and would be more equipped to help you address your issues. Try to go out more and concentrate on enjoying other people’s company instead of over thinking about physical appearance. There are support groups that you can join, too. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you and dwell more on positivity.

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