What Comedogenic Ingredients Should You Watch Out for the Most?

What Comedogenic Ingredients Should You Watch Out for the Most?Acne starts when your pores get clogged by a mix of dirt, bacteria and oil. A lot of different factors affect this occurrence, some of them being common ingredients found in products that you use. Ingredients that trigger the growth of acne are considered as “comedogenic,” with its root word “comedo” used to refer to clogged pores. To make it easier for you to keep your skin safe, here is a list of comedogenic ingredients, categorized based on their strength.

  • High – Highly comedogenic, especially for those with sensitive skin.

o   Acetylated Lanolin

o   Acetylated Lanolin Alcohol

o   Algae Extract

o   Algin

o   Bismuth Oxychloride

o   Butyl Stearate

o   Carrageenans

o   Cetearyl Alcohol + Ceteareth 20

o   Coal tar

o   Cocoa Butter

o   Coconut Butter

o   Coconut Oil

o   Colloidal Sulfur

o   Corn Oil

o   Cotton Aws Oil

o   Cotton Seed Oil

o   Crisco

o   D & C Red # 17

o   D & C Red # 21

o   D & C Red # 3

o   D & C Red # 30

o   D & C Red # 36

o   Decyl Oleate

o   Dioctyl Succinate

o   Disodium Monooleamido PEG 2-Sulfosuccinate

o   Ethoxylated Lanolin

o   Ethylhexyl Palmitate

o   Glyceryl Stearate SE

o   Glyceryl-3-Disostearate

o   Hexadecyl Alcohol

o   Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil

o   Isocetyl Stearate

o   Isodecyl Oleate

o   Isopropyl Linoleate

o   Isopropyl Isosterate

o   Isopropyl Lanolate

o   Isopropyl Myristate

o   Isopropyl Palmitate

o   Isostearic Acid

o   Isostearyl Acid

o   Isostearyl Isostearate

o   Isostearyl Neopentanoate

o   Lanolic Acid

o   Laureth 23

o   Laureth 4

o   Lauric Acid

o   Linseed Oil

o   Mink Oil

o   Myreth 3 Myrstate

o   Myristic Acid

o   Myristyl Lactate

o   Myristyl Myristate

o   Octyl Palmitate

o   Octyl Stearate

o   Oleic Acid

o   Oleth-3

o   Oleyl Alcohol

o   PEG 16 Lanolin

o   PEG 200 Dilaurate

o   PEG 8 Stearate

o   PG Monostearate

o   Polyglyceryl-3-Disostearate

o   Potassium Chloride

o   PPG 2 Myristyl Propionate

o   Propylene Glycol Monostearate

o   Red Algae

o   Shark Liver Oil

o   Salt

o   Sodium Laureth Sulfate

o   Solulan 16

o   Sorbitan Oleate

o   Sorbitan Sesquinoleate

o   Soybean Oil

o   Steareth 10

o   Stearic Acid Tea

o   Stearyl Heptanoate

o   Sulfated Castor Oil

o   Sulfated Jojoba Oil

o   Syearyl Heptanoate

o   Wheat Germ Glyceride

o   Wheat Germ Oil

o   Xylene

  • Medium – Comedogenic but may not have as much effect for those with normal skin.

o   Almond Oil

o   Apricot Kernel Oil

o   Arachidic Acid

o   Ascorbyl Palmitate

o   Avocado Oil

o   Azulene

o   Behenic acid

o   Benzaldehyde

o   Benzoic Acid

o   BHA

o   Cajeput Oil

o   Camphor

o   Capric Acid

o   Caprylic acid

o   Cetearyl Alcohol

o   Cetyl Alcohol

o   Chamomile

o   D & C Red # 19

o   D & C Red #27

o   D & C Red #40

o   Evening Primrose Oil

o   Grape Seed Oil

o   Hexylene Glycol

o   Octyldodecanol

o   Oleth-10

o   Olive Oil

o   Palmitic Acid

o   Peach Kernel Oil

o   Peanut Oil

o   PEG 100 Distearate

o   PEG 150 Distearate

o   Peg 75 lanolin

o   Pentarythrital Tetra Isostearate

o   PG Dipelargonate

o   PG Dipelargonate

o   Sandalwood Seed Oil

o   Sesame Oil

o   Steareth 2

o   Steareth 20

o   Stearic Acid

o   Stearyl Alcohol

o   Tocopherol

o   Triethanolamine

o   Vitamin A Palmitate

Make it a habit to check the products you use for comedogenic ingredients. Just remember that the ingredients that appear on this list should be listed exactly the same way for it to become harmful. For example, Vitamin A Palmitate may appear on the list, but this is the only form of Vitamin A that proves to be comedogenic. The same thing goes for olive oil and grape seed oil which are both listed as comedogenic ingredientsbut are safe in the form of Olive Oil Extract and Grape Seed Extract.

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