What Causes Large Bumps on the Scalp?

What Causes Large Bumps on the Scalp?The scalp is also a part of the skin. It has pores, hair follicles and its own kinds of problems and issues. But unlike the skin in other parts of the body, abnormalities on the scalp are less noticeable and discovered. It is covered by many strands of hair which make it harder to discern whether there are bumps or skin diseases occurring on our heads. Unless, these skin diseases are the itchy types which will make you scratch your head every now and then and make you wonder what happens there. Or if there are obvious lumps and bumps whenever you comb your hair.

There are several reasons why we get bumps on the scalp. Some are fairly easy to remedy as they also occur on other parts of the skin. However, some of these indicate that you may be experiencing a serious and chronic type of skin disease such as skin cancer. Once symptoms occur, consult your dermatologist immediately for advice on how to get rid of your situation. Here are some of the reasons why large bumps on the scalp occur.

1. Dermatitis

Dermatitis is an inflammation on the skin which is characterized by extreme itchiness. It becomes very uncomfortable, though it is neither dangerous nor contagious. Aside from the itching, it may be characterized by painful, burning and stinging sensation with swelling and scaly blisters on the skin. The scalp may absorb fluid which after some time dries and become bumps. There are gels available in the market designed to address dermatitis issue on scalp.

2. Scalp Pimples or Acne

Acne is characterized by the occurrence of pimples on the skin. It involves the oil glands and pores on the base of the hair follicles. When these glands get clogged with dirt or infected by bacteria, it produces solid bumps. It may appear on both an adult’s and child’s scalp. The hair follicles may be infected and inflamed. Over time, it may become painful and very itchy. There are over-the-counter topical creams that can remedy acne on the scalp.

3. Sebaceous Cysts

Sebaceous cysts are closed sacs that appear on the skin and are filled with oily pus-like material. It is often noticed with a small and not painful bump. Once the bump gets infected or inflamed, it may have other symptoms such as warm feeling around the area, swelling, tenderness and redness. This is caused by swollen hair follicles or skin trauma. Consult a dermatologist as sometimes, surgery is required to remove cysts.

4. Folliculitis

Folliculitis is usually caused by bacterial infection on the hair follicles. It commonly occurs on the scalp and face where pores are more prominent. Damaged hair follicles due to shaving, rubbing and substances that can clog the follicles such as lotions and shampoos can lead to a pimple-like bump on the skin. These bumps may burn, itch or secrete pus when broken.

5. Skin Cancer

Skin cancer usually occurs on areas not properly covered by the hair. It is characterized by the appearance of a mole or bump on the scalp. If you notice any abnormal bumps on your scalp, see your dermatologist right away.

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