What Causes Body Acne?

What Causes Acne on the Shoulders?Acne on your face can be very frustrating. What’s even worse is when you don’t have acne on your face but you get acne on your shoulders and your back. Having acne on shoulders and the back is similar to having acne on your face, but the reasons behind having it on those body parts and not the others can be very different. Although acne is usually seen on the face, some individuals may be suffering from the less obvious kind of acne which appears on the back or on the shoulders.

Causes of Acne on the Shoulders and the Back

Your face, chest, neck, back, and shoulders happen to have most of the oil-secreting glands which is why you may have acne in these areas. When pores in these areas get clogged, you may have acne breakouts which can be quite uncomfortable especially if they remain for a longer period of time than expected.

For the shoulders and back in particular, the causes of your acne in these areas may vary compared to the causes of acne that show up on your face. Here are the top causes of acne on the back and shoulders:

  • Sweating – When you sweat from whatever physical activity, your sweat will mix with the oils on your skin. If you do not immediately shower or let it sit there for extended periods of time, sweat and oil may clog your pores.
  • Washing – Taking a bath at least once a day is good for overall great hygiene and clear skin. But remember that washing too much can cause a flare in oil production which may also lead to breakouts. Not washing, on the other hand, will lead to over-accumulation of oil which can also result in acne on the back and shoulders.
  • Clothes – The clothes you wear may cause irritation on the back and shoulders. If you wear clothes that are tight-fitting and you sweat a lot in them, you may be pushing sweat and oil along with other irritants into your skin. Choose breathable fabrics over those that are too tight. If your shoulders are particularly affected by acne, avoid wearing sleeveless clothing, especially if you just let your hair down.
  • Hair – For the ladies, your long hair may be the cause of your acne on the back and shoulders. If you wear sleeveless tops a lot and keep your hair down, oil from your hair may be brushing onto your shoulders. Existing acne can also be further aggravated when hair touches it. A solution would be to keep your hair tied up in a bun so it won’t touch your skin.
  • Dirty environment – Always practice good hygiene by bathing daily and wearing a fresh set of clothes. Apart from these practices, you should also be mindful of your bed. Change your beddings on a weekly basis. Also, make sure your pillowcases are always clean because they can absorb oil from your face, hair, and body and eventually trigger breakouts.

By knowing the causes and following the tips, you can avoid having acne on both your back and your shoulders.

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