What Causes Acne?

Do Pimples Appear at Any Age?

what causes acneOne day, a person may wake up and suddenly be reminded of adolescent years – acne. Acne can persist through adulthood. Stress, little physical activity, poor dietary habits, getting your monthly period and even in-grown hair from shaving can all contribute to acne flare ups even up to adulthood. There are numerous factors on what causes acne in an adult. Here are some of the most common reasons why, even at an old age, anyone can still experience occasional acne.

Acne Cause #1: Products

Hair styling products and the wrong face products can cause acne. Hair products have the tendency to seep oil into the pores of the forehead causing it to clog. Using the wrong face products i.e. makeup and skin care are also factors on what causes acne as it clogs the pores. Clogged pores can result into breakouts and inflammation. But if using hair styling products is really a must to manage the hair, apply it using the fingers instead of using the spray bottle. After applying the product, wipe the face with a gentle cleanser. For those with oily and acne prone skin choose products that are oil-free to prevent clogging of pores. For those with sensitive and dry skin never forget to use a hydrating moisturizer as too much drying of the skin and inflamed sensitive skin can also cause acne.

Acne Cause #2: Lifestyle

Another major cause of breakouts even to adults is lifestyle.

  • Little physical activity can cause breakouts since toxins inside the body are not flushed out. It will accumulate manifesting on the skin in the form of acne.
  • Poor dietary habit is also a part of many people’s lifestyle which can contribute to acne conditions. Oily and sugar-y foods all contribute to acne flare-ups. Not only will it cause acne but is very unhealthy for the body too.
  • Traveling is also a factor on what causes acne. Changes in the environment can trigger the formation of acne. The skin tries to adapt to a new environment thus causing acne.

Acne Cause #3: Body

Changes that the body undergoes can cause acne breakouts.

  • Having monthly period can cause acne. The body experiences rise and fall of hormones during this period which can cause hormonal imbalance. Such hormonal imbalance can trigger acne breakouts.
  • Stress is also a major cause of acne as it causes hormonal imbalance, too, in the body. The body releases inflammatory chemicals known as neuropeptides when it is stressed causing acne.
  • Genes are also a culprit for acne. If it runs in the family, then it is much more difficult to cure it.


Acne should not hinder anyone from being confident and doing what they want to do. It is a stage in life that many people have to undergo at some point in their lives. Use the right products for their skin type and refrain from using hair products as much as possible. Try to exercise at least three times a week and take in more fiber. Relax and stay away from stress as much as possible to combat factors on what causes acne.

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