Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Acne Scars

coconut oil for acne scars If there was ever a type of oil that deserves all the attention and praise that it is getting, it has to be coconut oil. For such a long time it was outshined and overpowered by more well-known oils like extra-virgin olive oil and jojoba oil but its day has come and it is here to stay.

Coconut oil has tons of benefits when ingested but if you have acne and acne scars you will surely be interested in the many different ways you can use coconut oil for acne scars and acne breakouts. Many of these suggested methods and recipes make use of just two to three ingredients so they will be very easy for you to do on your own. Aside from the easiness factor you will love how cheap these DIY coconut oil for acne scars recipes and methods are and how gentle they are on the skin.

Coconut Oil for Acne Scars – Recipes and Methods

If you suffer from acne and acne scars there are three words you should learn- oil cleansing method. This is a process where you use oil to cleanse your face and not only does it rid the skin of toxins but it also calms it down and helps fade those pesky acne scars.

For the OCM method, you use coconut oil as your carrier and mix in some tea tree and castor oil. A ratio of 4-2-1 should be fine for most skin types. Simply give your face a gentle massage with the oil mix and steam a couple of times to really open up the pores. Dip a wash cloth in warm water and wipe off all the oil then rinse with cold water to close the pores. Do this a couple of times a week for several weeks and watch your skin improve.

Another way to use coconut oil to get rid of acne is by way of a scrub made of coconut oil, lime juice, and sugar. The coconut oil has antibacterial and moisturizing properties while the lime lightens the scars and the sugar sloughs off the darker scarred patches of skin. For this scrub, you will need about half a cup of cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil, half a cup of refined sugar and ¼ cup lime juice mix them all together until you have a sort of paste. Gently scrub your face with the paste and avoid the eye area but do not panic if some gets in your mouth (it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and is quite yummy!)

Last but not the least is the coconut oil face mask for acne scars that contains half a cup of coconut oil, 2 tablespoons of honey, half a cup of oats and the tea tree oil. Mix until you have a paste and slather onto your face and allow to stay for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water and follow with a gentle cleanser and moisturize with an oil-free face cream. Do this three times a week for the best results.

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