Ways on How You can Reduce Acne Scars

reduce acne scars When you have successfully eradicated acne, you may sometimes be burdened with acne scars. These result from scratching acne, or accidentally popping them. The skin can be traumatized and may lead uneven spots which are also known as acne scars.  You can reduce acne scars through several methods, both from the comfort of your own home or by seeking the help of a professional. Before trying to reduce acne scars through chemical means, here are some ways to lighten and eventually make those acne scars disappear:

  • Apply freshly squeezed lemon juice if you have mild acne scars. Lemon juice has natural bleaching properties which can help lighten your skin and reduce the uneven skin tone caused by scars. Dab some lemon juice on your acne scars and allow it to dry for a few minutes before putting SPF moisturizer if you have to go out. Lemon juice can make your skin photosensitive, so make sure you protect your skin from the sun. You can do this every night for better healing.
  • Use aloe vera gel. Aloe vera gel can soothe your skin and help it regain its moisture. Dabbing aloe vera gel can help your skin heal faster and eventually lighten the scars. This takes much longer though, and should be done regularly to see the results.
  • Try out natural oils. When you have moisturized skin, you will have less chances of getting acne scars. Oils which can be applied as overnight healing masks include olive oil, lavender oil, and rosehip oil.
  • Drink lots of water. Hydrated skin heals much faster. Support natural healing of your skin cells by drinking clean water!
  • Try honey masks. I may be sticky, but honey has natural moisturizing and healing properties which can stop acne breakouts and reduce acne scars. Apply on your whole face and allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.
  • Apply tomato juice on the affected area and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing off. The vitamin A in tomato juice can help in naturally healing the skin.

When your case of acne scarring is severe, it would be wise to see professional help on how to lessen the scars and give you back even toned skin. Natural remedies can still reduce those acne scars, but it will take much longer especially for severe cases. Try out these methods and consult a dermatologist for better effects:

  • Use vitamin E products on your face. This can be moisturizers, night creams, and other topical products which can give your skin the vitamin E it needs to heal.
  • Consult your dermatologist if you can have laser resurfacing. This process will remove the layer of dead and damaged skin cells in order to allow new skin to form. This should not be done by amateur dermatologists, and you should only go for the services of reputable specialists.
  • You can also try out microdermabrasion for a more thorough way to reduce acne scars. A machine will remove damaged skin and scabbing may result while new skin forms.
  • Purchasing skin peeling products can also help in shedding away scarred facial skin to help make the uneven skin tone completely disappear.

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