Vitamin K Benefits for Acne Prone Skin

Vitamin K BenefitsPeople with acne prone skin need all the help they can get in clearing up their skin as walking around with a face full of acne can be quite scarring. However, before you head straight for the commercial anti-acne medication full of god-knows-what chemicals, you may first want to look to nature for help. One natural remedy that really packs a wallop is vitamin K and people in the know will gladly tell you about the vitamin K benefits for acne-prone skin.

Vitamin K benefits aren’t really that well-know but for people who suffer acne, do know that this amazing vitamin is packed with antioxidants that can really improve skin quality and thus make it much less susceptible to acne breakouts. It also makes the skin tougher so there is no longer a need to worry about everyday environmental pollutants wreaking havoc on the skin and causing a painful acne breakout. You may ingest vitamin k supplements or you can get your daily dose from foods like kale, cabbage, prunes, papaya etc. With more vitamin k in your system, not only will you enjoy acne-free skin but you will also enjoy tougher, smoother, and younger looking skin on the face and the rest of your body.

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