Try Out Some Natural Acne Treatment for Men

natural acne treatment for menIt is normally women who like to complain about getting zits and acne but men suffer from this skin condition too. In fact, since most acne treatment aids are marketed towards women, men may feel like they do not have too many options when it comes to acne remedies. Men, you do not have to feel like you have to suffer acne breakouts because there are plenty of over-the-counter solutions you can try but if you prefer something more natural, you can easily find natural acne treatment for men which are just effective as the chemical-laden ones.

Natural Acne Treatment for Men

  • Orange peel- if you suffer from acne, you can easily make use of orange peels to battle the nasty red bumps. To prepare this natural acne treatment for men, take some orange peel and tear them into shreds. Grind them as finely as you can and mix just enough water to form a sort of paste. Apply this to the face like a mask and keep it in for about 15 minutes. Guys, if you have proven allergic reactions to vitamin C, avoid this mask.
  • Lemon juice- if you do not have any orange peels but have lemon instead, do not worry because you can still make an acne fighting mask from the juice. Take a few tablespoons of lemon juice and mix with equal amounts of honey. Take a dropper and place drops directly to the trouble spots. Allow the mixture to dry for a couple of hours and simply rinse the face with lukewarm water. Your acne will not disappear but you will notice it looks less angry and inflamed.
  • Garlic- acne may be caused by impurities in the blood and you can deal with this by consuming raw garlic. Simply by consuming whole garlic cloves, you can boost your metabolism and this will help the body detoxify in just a matter of days. If your acne is caused by impurities of the blood, you will indeed notice a difference in your skin condition.
  • Fenugreek and cumin- fenugreek is particularly useful if your pimples are the result of comedogenic skin. You can make a paste from fenugreek seeds to help prevent acne. However, if you want to stem a sudden acne breakout, you can make use of cumin powder since it is a rich source of zinc. Take your cumin and mix it with some water until you form a sort of paste. Apply this paste to your pimple right before bed. When you wake up, you will find the redness and swelling considerably lessened and this is why fenugreek and cumin make for a wonderful natural acne treatment for men.

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