Try Neem Leaves to Combat Acne

Try Neem Leaves to Combat AcnePeople are indeed becoming more and more conscious about what they put on their faces to battle acne and breakouts. This is very good news as nature readily provides you with all you need to fight off blemishes and other skin problems. There are many natural anti-acne products you can try but one you may not have thought about just yet is neem or neem leaves specifically.

This natural remedy for acne and pimples is very effective and can really prevent them from wreaking havoc in your face and body. This may be applied topically in the form of lotions and creams or you can crush neem leaves and apply it as a sort of poultice on your skin. It can be taken as a supplement because it is non-toxic and is just generally a wonderful herb. Choosing to go for supplements is a wise decision as it not only beats acne on the face but also fights the dreaded “bacne” or back acne, and even takes care of skin disorders like psoriasis.

Many herbalists recommend neem as it gets to the root of your acne problem and doesn’t do any damage to the skin. Not only does neem kill of acne-causing bacteria but it also lessens inflammations and banishes redness on the face. If you want to try neem for your acne, below is a recipe for a simple mask.

Tea Tree and Neem Mask

  • Mix one drop of tea tree oil and neem oil to two tablespoons of pink kaolin clay or French green clay.
  • Add in some water or green tea to make a nice and creamy paste.
  • Apply all over the face and try to avoid the eye area.
  • Let it stay for 20 minutes or until dry and rinse off with warm water.

The result is skin that glows and is a lot less oily which makes it less prone to breakouts. This mask may be used twice a week for best results.

Before you try any at-home acne remedies, always consult with your dermatologist beforehand.

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