Treatment Review for Blu-U – the Gentle Laser Light Acne Therapy Treatment

Treatment Review for Blu-U - the Gentle Laser Light Acne Therapy TreatmentAcne treatment procedures range from medications, topical treatments, natural remedies, and laser light treatments. When it comes to the latter, Blu-U acne treatment is one that you will hear from those who are plagued with persistent acne problems. There are quite a number of laser light treatments for acne, and Blu-U happens to be one of the newer methods. Here are some of the reasons why you may consider the Blu-U treatment for your skin.

How Does the Blu-U Treatment Work?

Blu-U treatment makes use of blue-light therapy and the Levulan Kerastick topical solution which is applied to the skin before light treatment. It works well on all skin types and helps kill the bacteria called Propionibacterium or P. acnes which is the cause of acne.

The high-intensity blue light used in Blu-U activates the bacteria-fighting porphyrins. In turn, the porphyrins help trigger the production of peroxide which is what kills acne-causing bacteria. Remember that this treatment should only be done by a qualified professional to help ensure that your skin is in good hands. There are times when the light is applied alone or in combination with the topical solution to trigger the bactericidal environment which will inhibit acne formation.

Pros of Using Blu-U Acne Therapy

Blu-U offers an effective but noninvasive acne treatment solution which is also not dependent on medications. Although it can be used with a topical solution, this varies from case to case which is why professional guidance from a dermatologist is advised. It is a pain-free treatment which lasts for only 15 minutes.

Acne lesions are lessened, no scarring is observed after treatment, it helps reduce oil production, and can also lessen the pore-size of your skin which makes it less susceptible to trapping dirt and bacteria which may lead to clogging. Even older scars caused by acne can be reduced, and after every treatment, skin appears fresher and younger. This FDA-approved light treatment is neither hot nor painful and can last from 4-5 weeks depending on the patient’s skin condition and how he or she adapts to the treatment.

Cons of Using Blu-U Acne Therapy

There are minimal negative side effects, if any, when the Blu-U acne treatment is done by professionals and on those whose skin are truly in need of laser light treatment. Since it is a gentle and noninvasive treatment procedure, the only downside is that you have to go for consistent appointments of twice a week treatments. For some cases, the treatment time can last for up to 10 weeks depending on the severity of acne.

There haven’t been a lot of comprehensive clinical testing on the Blu-U treatment, but almost all of the patients who have regularly shown up for their appointments have experienced an observable positive change in their skin condition. Another possible downside for some is that the sessions start at a price of $40 and when done twice a week, it can get heavy on the budget.

Despite this fact though, the pain-free and gentle light treating method of the Blu-U treatment is what makes it such an appealing and effective solution for those who are consistently troubled by acne.



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