Top Five Essential Oils for Mature Acne & Scars

Top Five Essential Oils for Mature Acne & ScarsTreating mature acne and scars can be a pain the neck especially if every over the counter lotion or serum you have ever tried has failed to bring you results. If you are fed up with the empty promises on those bottles of mature acne and scarring potions, it may be time to turn to more natural alternatives like essential oils. These essential oils are sourced from plants and herbs and while they are indeed natural, you have the proper way to use them and what their properties are if you are to get the maximum benefits from their use. If you would like to give these essential oils for mature acne and scars a try, you can read on below for the top 5 oils you need to try.

  • Helichrysum essential oil – if there was ever a type of oil that was potent in clearing mature acne and scars, it has to be this essential oil. If you want to give this oil a try, you best be ready to spend some money since it is very expensive. But if you suffer from scarring and mature acne, this is well worth the money.
  • Lavender Essential oil – this is one of those essential oils that is just an all-around worker. Lavender essential oil is very gentle, it smells great, it is effective, and it doesn’t cost too much money. This oil is so well-loved that it is not only used to help remedy mature acne and scars but helps with other skin problems too. You may apply on the skin in pure form and in very small quantities or you may dilute it with carrier oil.
  • Neroli essential oil – this is a very potent essential oil that can be used to help remedy mature acne and scars. However, this is rather pricy so you may want to try out other oils before you reach for this. If you must buy neroli oil, you can make it last longer by mixing it with carrier oils like sunflower and apricot.
  • Clary Sage oil – if you want to try using clary sage oil to help remedy mature acne and scars, you have to dilute it with carrier oil. Pregnant women though are often advised to stay away from using clary sage essential oil to help with skin issues.
  • Roman chamomile essential oil – this is a very gentle essential that is very effective nonetheless. It may not be as expensive as neroli oil but it isn’t cheap either. This essential oil is similar to German chamomile oil. You have to dilute this with carrier oil prior application to the skin.

There are plenty of other essential oils that you can use like sandalwood, mandarin, frankincense, tea tree, and carrot seed oil just to name a few.  They all help remedy mature acne and scars and it is really up to you and your budget which one you choose. Before you apply any of these oils to your skin though, you may have to talk to your doctor as he may have some warnings and recommendations for you to bear in mind before you take the plunge.

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  1. Hi Chris, I would suggest you before applying any essential oil directly on your skin, to test it on a small part of your skin so that you are sure it will not burn it or provoke allergy reaction.

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