How to Get Rid of Back Acne Naturally

how to get rid of back acne When and How Back Acne Occurs? General Rules to Know.

Acne does not only appear on a person’s face but on other parts of the body as well. The back and chest are also places on the body where acne can strike the back being more prone. Back acne occurs the same way as facial acne. It is often caused by over productive sweat glands which can clog the pores trapping dirt and residue. Wearing clothes made of cotton material can help prevent the occurrence of back acne as it lets the skin breath. Certain materials produce friction against the skin which can irritate it and produce acne. Wearing backpacks should also be avoided as this can also produce friction against the skin on the back. If back acne persists, here are some ways on how to get rid of back acne that are safe and natural.

Daily Skin Routine to Treat Back Acne

In getting rid of acne on their back, there is a suggested skin care routine that they should do every day. Washing the face twice a day to get rid of sweat and oil that could be trapped in their pores is the best way to get rid of acne on back. After washing, applying tea tree oil to the affected areas can help treat acne. Tea tree oil must be diluted with water as it is very potent and might cause irritation to the skin. Apply it during taking a bath. Exfoliating is also advised but should be careful not to overdo this as it can produce friction against the skin which can worsen back acne. Exfoliating every other two or three days maximum is best with a gentle exfoliant. Lemon juice and baking soda are two natural exfoliants people can use. But use them sparingly as using too much of both can cause irritation.

Clothing – Important Facts about Acne on Back

As aforementioned, the type of clothes that people wear can cause irritation to the skin thereby producing back acne. Loose fitting clothes can reduce the friction of the cloth against the back allowing the skin to breathe. For women, it is advised that they stop wearing a bra when they are at home to let the skin breath. Cotton is the best material of clothing as it is very gentle to the skin and hardly produces any friction. They should not forget to wear clean clothes each time they shower so they don’t transfer back to their skin oil and dirt their clothes has accumulated.

Gentle Back Acne Treatment

If natural remedies fail, there are some back acne treatment products that are gentle and safe for the body. Exposed Skin Care has a treatment line that is very safe and contains natural ingredients. It has green tea which is a powerful and known natural ingredient to help treat acne. Aloe Vera is also a key ingredient found in Exposed Skin Care products which is an effective anti-inflammatory agent to help calm flare-ups.
These tips on how to get rid of back acne can help anyone achieve great and flawless looking skin in no time. Just make sure the steps are followed religiously to get faster results.

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