How to Get Rid of Acne Overnight Easily

Оvernight Cure for Acne – True or False?

how to get rid of acne overnightA horrifying dilemma, not only teenagers experience but adults as well, is the appearance of acne on their faces. Imagine going through the most important event of your life with a humongous zit comfortably resting on your forehead and tempting anybody who sees you to pick up a bow and arrow and hit the target. This could be a disastrous and embarrassing event. A lot of people, faced with this predicament are in frenzy, thinking of ways on how to get rid of acne overnight. Drastic measures are sometimes taken, believing in false advertisement that promises immediate result. However, all are in vain as there is no 100% guarantee that acne will completely disappear overnight. Anybody claiming otherwise is a scam. Dermatologists agree that it usually takes 30-90 days continuous use of the product to fully appreciate the effect.

Dermatologist Expert Advice

If you have acne problems, it is better to heed the doctor’s advice. Here are some helpful tips that could address them (although the effect is not instantaneous):

  • Never prick, pop or squeeze your acne – this may sound the fastest solution to the problem of getting rid of your acne but it never is. In fact, pricking, popping or squeezing your pimples could worsen it and gives you scars.
  • Wash face twice daily using mild soap or facial cleanser in warm water – removing dirt on your skin prevents the clogging of your pores from bacteria that could lead to acne. In addition, using a non-abrasive cleanser eliminates skin irritation that could lead to breakouts.
  • Avoid contact with face – hands are oftentimes dirty and touching your face with your hand transmits this dirt to your face. Likewise, hair, especially oily one, is often covered with dust and dirt. Hence, prevent it from going to your face.
  • Seek professional help – although there are non-prescriptive acne products readily available on the market, this may only be effective for mild cases of acne. Therefore, it is better to consult a dermatologist so you can be treated accordingly. There are acne products ideal for a certain type of skin, and so your dermatologist can better prescribe the best product for you.

Immediate Relief

There might not be a concrete answer on how to get rid of acne overnight but there are several natural remedies that can alleviate the inflammation or hide the acne temporarily. Here are some of them:

  • Tea Tree Oil – this plant has been compared to benzoyl peroxide, a key component in acne treatment products, and its effectiveness is just the same minus the side effects commonly associated with using benzoyl peroxide.
  • Egg White – this can be used as a facial mask to help unclog pores of the skin. This also serves as astringent and anti-inflammatory agent which helps treat the problem.
  • Oatmeal – this ingredient is known to have an absorbent quality which is ideal in absorbing excess oil from the skin.

There are many known remedies available on the market that can cure acne. Depending on the severity, it can be from a non-prescriptive medication to a laser procedure. But no matter what or how the treatment of acne is best for you, it will be a long process. Queries on how to get rid of acne overnight are difficult to address as this is highly improbable.