Tips and Tricks to Prevent Menstrual Acne

prevent menstrual acneThere’s that time of the month when a woman’s body undergoes hormonal changes that brings about mood swings, food cravings, and acne breakouts. Luckily, there are some ways you can use to prevent menstrual acne and lessen the stress you feel when you’re in the middle of your red days!

Healthy Skin to Prevent Menstrual Acne

The key to avoid menstrual acne is to stick to a cleansing routine and strictly following it. You should wash your face with a mild and compatible cleanser at the most, twice a day; in the morning and before going to sleep at night. Before sleeping, those who have particularly oily skin should use a toner before applying moisturizer to further help reduce the oil production of the skin.

Stay hydrated to avoid excess production of oil. This also flushes out toxins from your body which may be causing the breakouts from within. You should also consider adding vitamins or supplements to your diet to have glowing skin. Vitamins you should not miss out on include vitamin E, A, C and D3. Vitamin D3 is said to help avoid acne breakouts especially those which are caused by hormonal changes brought about by menstruation.

Exercising also promotes healthy skin. It helps you sweat and eventually clear your face of different bacteria and debris lodged in the pores. However, when exercising, remember to keep the hair tied and away from the face as much as possible to avoid irritation. Sweating is a natural way to detox, and your body can get rid of internal pollutants which may cause breakouts.

Apart from that, exercising has hormonal effects on the body. By regularly exercising, you are better able to keep the balance of hormones which can promote brighter and acne free skin. Exercising also releases endorphins. These are chemicals which are also known as the happy chemicals of the body and they counter stress. Women are often more stressed during their periods, and being able to regulate their hormonal levels even before the red days come can help lessen the possible stress they may be feeling come that time of the month.

When the time of the month is near, it is advised to be more particular about one’s diet since this plays a role on how your skin will be. Stay away from too much sugar as much as possible since this can lead to massive acne breakouts when coupled with the internal hormonal changes that your body is going through. Watch out the intake of carbs as well since this triggers the body’s release of insulin which can lead to the development of red, angry, and inflamed pimples.

You can also try taking willow bark extract after consulting with an herbalist or your physician since this is a natural source of salicin which can help prevent menstrual acne. It is also gentler on the skin and much less harsh compared to the chemicals you can buy. Prepare your body by using these tips even before the red days come, and enjoy clear and glowing skin!

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