The Cooling Effect – Treating Acne Scars with Ice

treat acne with ice Maybe you have been informed for the countless times not to pick your acne and you are well aware why. But, with or without picking it, you can still have acne marks and scars left on your face and other prone parts of the body like chest, chin, and back. Though picking leaves worse scars, the issue here is getting rid of the acne. If there is no acne, there will be no scars.

Luckily, many conventional interventions were developed to take care of the acne and its scars. The problem with conventional treatments like dermabrasion and laser resurfacing is their cost. It is definitely an investment. So you have to think back and look for other options.

Did you know that you can treat acne with ice? In case you do not know, ice has therapeutic capacities and qualities that can reduce the size of the scar. This sounds really economical but does it really work? Ice can’t harm and it can just be made so it is worth a try. Let’s take a look at the whole ice for acne treatment process.

The Theory

When an athlete gets strained or sprained, the first aid treatment will typically be an alternate cold and hot compress to the affected area. Why is that? Ice, being the cold element, helps in reducing the swelling. But remember that cold can constrict blood vessels and that is why you need heat to stimulate the flow of blood. This is how the alternate treatment of ice and heat works in oxygenated blood to speed up the healing process and eradicate infection. Similarly, to treat acne with ice means you reduce inflammation while you let the oxygen do its job – to heal the scar tissue lightly.

The Process

There is an exception with ice treatment; it does not help scars that are deep-pitted like scars caused by ice pick punctures. Ice becomes most beneficial during the initial stages of scarring – presence of inflammation. Applying an ice rub on the inflamed areas for about 15 minutes can give these benefits:

  • Minimizes scarring
  • Helps decrease the degree of inflammation
  • Helps in healing the acne eruptions
  • Gradually reducing the presence of slight discoloration and scars during the latter part of icing regimen
  • Tightens pores which will then reduce the risk of infection
  • Gives off more even skin texture – this does not actually heal acne scars but it can at least momentarily hide the scars through enhancing the appearance of your skin.

The Reduction of Pain

Another benefit when you treat acne with ice is that it can lessen the sensation of pain around the inflamed and red area of acne. Remember that it is the pain that drives one to prod or pick the acne which can cause worse scarring later on.

Once you have tried this treatment and you still do not see improvement at all, then it is the best time to seek for the clinical options and start investing money for that. But before doing so, it will always be recommended that you seek for medical advice before moving on to the next step.

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