The Best Shampoo for Acne: How Sulfate-free Shampoo Works for Acne

How Sulfate-free Shampoo Works for AcneYou may not see any connection yet, but the shampoo that you use could actually contribute to the growth of acne on your skin. The shampoo that you use could make your hair shinier and prettier, but it also contains chemicals that could induce harmful effects on your body. Among these chemicals, sulfate which also known as sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS proves to have harmful effects on your skin. This does not mean that you would have to skip using shampoo on your hair altogether. The great news is that awareness about the effects of sulfate has been raised that the best shampoo for acne, sulfate-free shampoo, is now available to consumers.

What is Sulfate?

Sulfate is the main reason why our shampoo produces foam. It is also a powerful detergent effective in removing grease. These properties make it a regular ingredient in several other items you use for personal hygiene, such as toothpaste and soap. What’s interesting is the fact that it is also used for dishwashing soap, laundry detergent and other cleaning aids. So just imagine how strong this substance is, considering what else it is being used for.

What are Sulfate’s Ill Effects?

Because sulfate can be very harsh, it often causes skin irritation. It is also one of the reasons why your eye gets extremely red and irritated when even the smallest drop of shampoo sneaks its way in. It also causes dryness not only on your hair, but also on the skin that the shampoo touches. This is why it can be considered as a trigger for acne to occur. The irritation combined with dryness of skin can cause inflammation and would result in the growth of acne later on.

There have also been reports that sulfate contributes to the occurrence of cancer although research is still being done to substantiate this claim.

Is Sulfate-free Shampoo Better than Regular Shampoo?

Considering the number of ill effects that sulfate has, you couldn’t be too careful. Sulfate-free shampoo is the best shampoo for acne because it usually uses more natural ingredients making it healthier and safer to use. It could be a little more expensive however, but this is understandable considering the costs that come with producing a safe and effective natural product. It is also easier and would prove to be more cost-effective in the end to prevent the ill effects of sulfate from happening rather than to wait for them to happen and rely on damage control.

The choice is entirely up to you. You may have survived and are sufficiently satisfied with how your current shampoo is working for you. But it also wouldn’t hurt to try, right? Sometimes, we only realize the downside of things when we try something else.

So if you suffer from acne a lot, switch to the best shampoo for acne and avoid making things worse. Sulfate-free shampoo is still the best shampoo for acne if you want to keep both your skin and your hair safe and healthy.

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