The Best Natural Remedies for Common Skin Problems

The Best Natural Remedies for Common Skin ProblemsDo you spend hundreds of dollars on skin creams and potions advertised on TV and magazines because they promise you all sorts of miracles? Looking at the adverts, one cannot be blamed for believing they will actually deliver but aside from clever marketing, there really isn’t much to these potions and lotions and the sad fact is they hardly, if they even do, work. Buying these is a lot like buying bottles of empty promises. If you want to care for your skin and you want to make sure you invest in products that work, you may want to look for natural remedies because they will work wonders on your skin and will not bring about any harmful side effects.

Non-melanoma skin cancers and warts – You may not believe this but recent studies have shown that these can be remedied with the use of eggplant extracts. Experts observed that Australian farmers and veterinarians remedy farm animals with the use of a folk remedy that is made from Australian Devil’s Apple Plant. The next step was to take samples of this plant and study them to find out what makes them tick; of course, these plants are hard to locate so they looked for an alternative that had the same type of phytonutrients like glycosides and glycoalkaloids. This lead them to the eggplant thus a cream was created that made use of the compound and which is commercially known as BEC5.

Herpes – Herpes and other skin irritations like eczema, tinea, and dermatitis can be remedied by the application of aloe vera gel in the affected area. This gel has antibacterial and antiviral properties and it also well known as a powerful anti-fungal aid. If you want to make use of aloe vera gel, buy only the highest quality ones or if you can, grow your own so you can harvest fresh leaves where the gel may be obtained.

Tinea – This is a fungus that leads to ring worm, athlete’s foot, and other skin irritations in the crotch area. This fungus thrives in damp and warm places which it causes to burn and itch and if all the powders and ointments in the drug store will not help, you can always turn to tea tree oil for relief. This tea tree oil is an indigenous remedy that has more than proven itself through dozens of Western medical trials.

If you cannot find tea tree oil, neem is a great alternative as it kicks tinea to the curb just as effectively as tea tree oil. You can find neem salve just about anywhere but it is better to choose the ozonated or oxygenated versions. If you want to quick fix, raw apply cider vinegar will do.

Wrinkles, Stretch Marks, and Ace

  • Remedies that contain calendula, comfrey, and lavender battle wrinkles really well and you can also use Maca powder to keep skin looking young.
  • To reduce the appearance of stretch marks, use coconut oil and Shea butter on the skin. Tamanu oil which is from the Pacific Islands also works wonders.
  • Tamanu oil also works wonders on acne and acne scars.
  • If you can find creams that contain copaiba or dragon’s blood, try them as they work to eliminate acne and acne scars.

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