The Best 3-ingredient Mask for Acne

The Best 3-ingredient Mask for AcneAcne will not kill you but it sure can damage your self-esteem. Millions of people the world over constantly battle acne and some win while others just suffer the endless red dots appearing in their faces. If you too suffer from acne and you think it is about time you stopped the harsh anti-acne medication that you have been using for years and years now, it might be a good idea to use natural products and ingredients to help you in your little acne battle. There are so many anti-acne masks you can try to make at home but this 3-ingredient mask has got to be one of the best.  It is very easy to make and while it may not work miracles overnight and make all your pimples disappear, you can see a nice glow to your face even after the first use.


  • Bi-carbonate of Soda (1 ½ tablespoons)
  • Half a fresh lemon (about 5 squeezes)
  • Tea tree oil (5 drops)

Use warm water to gently cleanse the face. If you can, use unscented and organic soaps so you really get the dirt out and no harmful chemicals stay on the skin. Next step is to take the 3 ingredients and mix them into a paste inside a clean bowl. This mixture should be liquid but not runny so that it just slides off your face. Make sure it is spread all over the face but try to avoid the delicate eye area. In the areas that are particularly red and problematic, rub the mixture in gently before applying another layer. Leave this on the face for another 10 minutes; during this time, you can relax and read a book or you can put some fresh cucumber slices on your eyes to help with any puffiness and tiredness. Once the 10 minutes are up, you can rinse off the mash with the use of warm water and make sure to use gentle rubbing motions since this is what gives the skin a nice glow. Once the mask is off, splash cold water on your face so the pores close up.

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