Taking Fermented Foods to Heal Acne Fast and Naturally

Taking Fermented Foods to Heal Acne Fast and NaturallyAcne has a lot of underlying causes. Apart from usually being caused by external irritants which aggravate the oily condition of the skin, there are also internal factors which contribute to the worsening of acne cases in people from all age groups.

Concerning the internal factors that contribute to acne, one which is often overlooked is the connection of skin health and gut health. In the medical community, the relationship between these two is undeniable. A lot of dermatologists can even confirm that individuals with skin problems may have underlying gut problems they may be overlooking as well. Making use of fermented foods to heal acne from the inside is a possibility that you shouldn’t ignore!

How Can Fermented Foods to Heal Acne Be Possible?

The gut seems a long way from your facial skin where most of your acne breakouts occur. However, one study which investigated on about 13,000 adolescents was able to provide data that those who have acne are more prone to experiencing gastrointestinal problems like heartburn and constipation. Abdominal bloating which is a kind of internal inflammation is also associated with acne cases.

Fermented foods to heal acne work in the following ways:

  • Probiotics which are in concentrated amounts in fermented food can help counter inflammation caused by acne
  • These probiotics also have an impact on the psychological symptoms behind acne such as depression and stress
  • Gut, skin, and brain health are all interrelated which is why combining probiotic-rich fermented foods with a regular skin-clearing routine can help provide healthy glowing skin.

Fermented foods happen to be rich with probiotics that nurture one’s internal ecosystem. A healthier and more balanced internal system can help fight off possible causes of acne from the inside before they even begin. Since the gut health also affects the brain and skin, keeping it healthy with the right amount of probiotics can also contribute to having acne-free skin.

What Fermented Foods Can Be Included to The Diet to Help Counter Acne?

Fermented foods have a great amount of probiotics which can keep your gut healthy. Try out the following:

  • Yogurt – Organic yogurt is the best. Plain yogurt will also have less additives compared to flavored yogurt. Consider adding some yogurt to your morning shake or smoothie. You can even have it by itself or with some fruit toppings.
  • Tofu – Soy products have great properties for fermentation, and these can be easily incorporated into your diet—even in main meals.
  • Kefir – A combination of kefir and goat’s milk, kefir is similar to yogurt and you would benefit from purchasing organic products.
  • Dark chocolate – Apart from being a good treat, dark chocolate has up to four times the regular dairy content of usual dairy products. Although not fermented, you can give yourself this treat.
  • Sauerkraut – Not only does it have high antioxidants, it also has vitamins, C, A, E, and B which are all great for your health.
  • Miso soup – For a warm meal complete with probiotics, add some miso to your soup and enjoy flavor as well as enhanced gut and skin health!
  • Pickles – Don’t pick them from your burgers! These tangy pickles also contain a good amount of antioxidants.

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