Take Care of Your Skin with Sulfur Soap

What is Sulfur Soap?

sulfur soapSulfur soap is a soap that contains a potent mineral called sulfur. It is a naturally-sourced element that can be gathered in volcanic areas all throughout the globe. In most instances, it contains only 10% sulfur and may sometimes be intermixed with other ingredients. Due to the curative abilities of sulfur soap, some of it contains salicylic acid, lye, and fragrance to enhance its effect. This soap has a murky yellow or gold color and usually has an unpleasant scent to it. However, product developments have made it possible for the foul odor to be masked.

History of the Soap

Sulfur soap is known to cure a variety of skin diseases, from acne to scabies. Dating back to the 1950s, a lot of sulfur products have been sold to provide ease and solution to skin diseases. According to experts, sulfur is ideally combined with other substances to heighten its curing capabilities. Laboratories have come up with different combinations, such as adding benzoyl peroxide, alcohol, and retinoid. Some sulfur products even function as leave-on ointments and creams.

Popular Use of Sulfur Soap

Soap which contains sulfur is almost always available in groceries and supermarkets for unsupervised use. It is considered to be generally safe that is why it can be bought without prescription. However, according to doctors, it is not ideal to use it on a daily basis for bathing because it is too harsh and can highly cause irritation. But a lot of people patronize it nonetheless because it helps avoid skin diseases and acne. In severe acne cases, dermatologists prescribe the use of this soap because it dries out the pimples fast especially when coupled with other treatments. On the other hand, it can also be used to treat diseases caused by fungus and viruses. It acts by killing bacteria, drying oil, and preventing new skin eruptions to occur. Those who are undergoing recurring skin problems reportedly notice instant improvement in terms of their skin’s condition in just a matter of days. In addition, there are also some people who use sulfur soap to treat head lice. Aside from this, this soap is usually sold at an affordable price making it extremely accessible to anyone.

What Side Effects It Can Trigger

Unfortunately, despite sulfur soap being a wonder soap for those who suffer from terrible skin conditions, it poses some negative effects.  Some common side effect from using this soap includes swelling, itching, and redness. This is because the sulfur is very strong and too much use can drain the moisture out of the skin resulting in dryness. And as we all know, dry skin results in breakage making the skin vulnerable to more infection. Also in some cases, the skin flakes and peels causing the itchiness. However, in rare cases, there have been reports that it can also cause unexplained puffiness.

  • This soap can be dangerous when ingested and when accidentally placed in direct contact with the eyes. Because of its strong compounds, it can cause damage in sensitive areas.
  • Also, it is not recommended for children to use it because their skin is sensitive.
  • People who are not allowed to take aspirin are also warned not to use sulfur.
  • Moreover, people who are taking medications are advised not to use sulfur soap as well.

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