Take Care of Your Skin This Winter and Avoid Acne

Take Care of Your Skin This Winter and Avoid AcneAcne is a skin problem for many individuals regardless of what season. Wintertime can be hard on the skin as the cold weather, wind, and dry indoor air can absorb moisture from the skin. To keep your skin hydrated and safe from acne throughout the winter season, here are some proven tips and acne home remedies to help you go through the winter season.

Change Your Cleanser

Some cleansers are good to use on specific weather conditions and maybe your cleanser may not be working for you in the winter season. When you feel that your skin is tight and dry after cleansing, you probably need a milder cleanser.

Cleansers with salicylic acid benzoyl peroxide can cause the skin to dry especially when you use it together with other acne treatment products. Try to use a gentle foaming cleanser during the cold weather season.

Moisturize your Skin

Regular usage of moisturizers is important for the skin, even for those with acne. Nearly all acne treatment products can dry the skin and in order to avoid flaking and peeling of the skin is to use moisturizers. Use moisturizers that are noncomedogenic, that can block pores from coming out from the skin.

Hydrate Your Body Inside and Out

The winter season is frosty and sometimes you don’t feel like drinking a glass of water because it is cold. However, drinking plenty of water during wintertime can help hydrate your skin. Try to get the recommended eight glasses of water daily to keep your skin hydrated. If you don’t feel like drinking water, you can drink warm tea instead.

Use Topical Medications

If you have dry skin and you feel that your skin is peeling and flaking, you can always use acne fighting creams and ointments. Using these products during winter time can dry skin.  Most importantly, never change the dosage of these topical medications without consulting your dermatologist for your safety.

Sweat out Toxins in Winter

This is one home remedy that is overlooked during winter seasons. In general, people basically exercise during the summer. However during winter, people are inactive to sweat out. Sweating can release all the toxins out of your body and therefore reduce the occurrence of acne and drying of the skin. You can sweat out during the season by going to a spa or by going to the gym. It is important that you will not stop exercising even if it is winter as this is good for the body as well.

Put a Vaporizer in your Bedroom

A vaporizer can help create moisture in the dry air surrounding your bedroom. Humidifier is also another way to help keep moist in the room. Also, these humidifiers and vaporizers are good for the skin and treatment of acne.

Open your Windows for 10 Minutes Each Morning

Opening your windows allow fresh air to enter the room and lets the dry air leave the room and replaced with fresh air. Just make sure you wear a warm robe so you won’t catch a cold.

There are many more home remedies you can do to take care of your skin during wintertime and doing the tips mentioned above, can give your skin a clear and shiny face, and free from acne.

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