Which Minerals Can Prevent Acne?

Which Minerals Can Prevent Acne?If you are like most people, you will agree that the quest to clear and glowing skin seems like an uphill battle at times. For one, it doesn’t matter how expensive your skin care products are or how much time you spend on your skin care routine; if you do not take care of your skin from the inside then it will not look good on the outside. It is as simple as that and this is one rule you will do well to remember.

You already know that it is a good idea to lessen your fat and grease intake and you already know that it is a good idea to take in water. This way, the amount of toxins you have in your body is lessened and you get fewer breakouts. But you see, it takes more than that and to really enjoy better skin, you ought to try to take in minerals to prevent acne.

Minerals to Prevent Acne – What Works?

Minerals work wonders on your body and the end results to glowing skin to match your health. If you want to lessen your acne breakout episodes and you want to enjoy better health, you will want to know which minerals to take. Below are some minerals to prevent acne that your skin craves. Take these minerals and not only will you feel better but your skin will also look better.

  • Zinc – Zinc has a lot of crucial functions in the body and it is a mineral that people do not really get enough of. You need it for proper growth, strong immunity, and optimum metabolic rate. It also has the added benefits of healing and protecting your skin and because it has antioxidant properties, it can protect you from UV rays. It is also important to note that zinc is essential in regulating vitamin A from the liver. When it comes to Acne, it acts as an anti-inflammatory that helps prevent acne breakouts and decreases the chances of scarring. It also decreases sebum production in the skin.
  • Sulfur This is the 3rd most abundant mineral in the body and you can even find it in every cell. Like a lot of zinc though, a lot of people do not get a lot of it in their diets either and this causes symptoms to show on the skin. Traditionally speaking, dermatologists would recommend ointments with sulfur as acne remedies and works great in fighting off bacteria, minimizing pores, clarifying skin, and helping the body shed dead and excess cells.  Taking in the right amounts of sulfur also helps the body produce collagen more efficiently.
  • Iodine – Most people know this mineral as something that promotes healthy thyroid functions but what they do not know is that it can also bring about better skin. Take in the recommended daily amount of iodine and you will enjoy better skin and better hair.

These minerals can promote healthy skin that is devoid of acne but they also have other benefits that will do you good. Ask your doctor about them today.

How Can Selenium Treat Acne?


There are a lot of minerals for acne that you can use to make your skin clearer, and selenium is one of the most popular for its effectiveness. Selenium originates from the soil. It appears naturally in water and in some kinds of food. It is also one of the important minerals for acne that helps boost your body’s metabolism.

Benefits for the Skin

What makes selenium special? Selenium has been found to have excellent antioxidant properties, similar to a lot of other effective skin-enhancing nutrients and minerals. Antioxidants are effective weapons against free radicals, which are unhealthy molecules within your system that causes the breakdown of cells and triggers the growth of different skin conditions like acne. Selenium has the ability to neutralize the growth of free radicals that damage your skin cells, leaving you with healthier and younger-looking skin. This fact also makes selenium a wonderful anti-aging agent, helping you in keeping the skin young and fresh. Selenium is also a potent anti-inflammatory, especially when combined with a healthy dose of Vitamin E. Since inflammation is also one of the factors that trigger acne growth, selenium is able to help contain the growth of acne by containing any inflammation on your skin.

Sources of Selenium

Although there are supplements that you can take to get your needed dose of selenium, it is always better to get these minerals for acne from natural sources. Walnuts and grains are great sources of selenium, and so are beef and poultry. You can also take your fill of selenium from different kinds of fish like red snapper, herring, cod and tuna. Make sure that you get selenium from whole foods, as there is a big tendency for the selenium to be destroyed when food goes through processing.

Other Benefits

Selenium has other benefits aside from being one of the great minerals for acne. It can help you keep your heart healthier by reducing the occurrence of blood clot and the oxidation of cholesterol in your system. It also boosts the production and mobility of sperms, thereby increasing the chances of egg fertilization. It has also been seen as a big factor in reducing the possibility of an infant having birth defects. Selenium also proves to be a great companion for those who have diabetes, as it is seen to increase the production of insulin in the body. It regulates your body’s metabolic processes and the production of glucose, and is also effective in the reduction of oxidative stress. All these actually help reduce the instances of other health issues brought about by diabetes, such as neuropathy, retinopathy and cataracts.

Side Effects

As with other minerals for acne, selenium could have some negative effects as well. Excessive consumption of it can lead to low blood pressure and imbalance in your blood chemistry. It can also have negative reaction when combined with medicine and supplements that you might be taking as well. To stay on the safe side, consult a physician to find out what dose you should be taking and to get feedback if it blends well with the other meds you’re taking.