Supplements for Acne Remedy and Prevention

supplements for acne Acne can be caused by any number of things from genetics, to poor hygiene, and even a poor diet. Those of you who suffer from acne may just benefit from supplements for acne since these provide the body with a boost of nutrients that will make sure the skin stays nice and balanced. They will also give the immune system a much-needed boost so that it is able to fight off acne-causing bacteria and this is how supplements for acne remedy and prevent breakouts. Sometimes, washing, toning and moisturizing the skin from the outside is not enough and you need to make sure your body is healthy since it will show in the skin.

Supplements for Acne to Try Out

  • Vitamin A-making sure that you have enough vitamin A in your diet is one way to reduce your risk of developing acne. The reason for this is because this vitamin plays a rather crucial role when it comes to promoting and maintaining healthy skin cells. Experts like to call this the anti-infective vitamin and it is essential to making sure the immune system is alive and kicking.
  • Vitamin C- this is also a very important vitamin to take if you wish to promote skin health since it is very good in helping the growth and healing of tissues in the body. This is an essential nutrient that helps in the formation of collagen which is a protein that forms part of skin and blood vessel structures. The experts say supplements for acne that contain vitamin C helps support the immune system and stimulates formation of white blood cells that are very good in fighting off infections which in turn helps fight off acne.
  • Zinc- this is very essential to maintaining the health of the skin and is necessary to help it repair and grow. According to studies, Zinc ranks very highly among the most important minerals that support the immune system and helps to promote its health. It also helps regulate hormones which sometimes cause acne breakouts.
  • Essential fatty acids- Omega-3 and omega-3 fatty acids are quite helpful when it comes to preventing acne breakouts. According to studies published back in July 2010, these fatty acids show promise in being able to remedy skin conditions which include acne. You may get your dose of omega-3 by way of fish oil and this can reduce inflammation which means less acne breakouts to deal with.

If you are interested in supplements for acne remedy and prevention, you will need to go and have a chat with your doctor before you take anything. These supplements are not toxic in and of themselves but there are daily recommended dosages to follow because when taken in excess, these supplements may become harmful. Your doctor can not only recommend supplements to take but he will also talk about the proper way of taking them and discuss any side effects that you should be on the lookout for so you do not become alarmed should you feel or see something that is out of the ordinary.

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