Steroid Injections and Acne – How It Works

Steroid Injections and Acne – How It WorksDon’t you just despise those huge, massive, and inflamed acne breakouts? Not only are they nasty-looking and painful but it also seems like they take forever to go away. Most people who get them wish they had magic wands to wave and make the pimples vanish in a flash but sadly, all they have are OTC acne treatments and other anti-acne medications.

If you suffer from monstrous acne breakouts and you want to know of a good way to help them go away more quickly you may just find your answer in cortisone injections. Not a lot of people think of steroid injection for acne scars and acne since they tend to reach for creams and serums first but those who have tried a steroid injection for acne scars and acne swear it is the proverbial magic wand.

Steroid Injection for Acne and Acne Scars

The technical term for this procedure is intralesional corticosteroid injection but to acne sufferers they are simply “steroid shots,” “cyst injections,” or “cortisone injections.” The steroid is called cortisone which is a natural chemical released by the body in response to inflammation. However, the cortisone produced by the body is short-acting so it doesn’t bring about the quick healing desired by people.  It is for this reason why it is sometimes better injected directly into an inflamed area so that it works faster. Cortisone is a known corticosteroid which is produced by the adrenal gland. Even if it is referred to as a “steroid,” do not mistake it for “anabolic steroids” since those are drugs used by body builders and athletes to increase athletic performance and strength. While a cortisone reduces inflammations, anabolic steroids actually bring about harmful side effects.

How It Works

Cortisone injections are often used to help remedy nodules, cysts, and deep papules. People who go through this type of acne treatment can look forward to a diluted form of corticosteroid to be injected directly to the blemish area. The doctor will take a needle and push it in deep to reach the root of the problem. If you do not like needles, do not fret because a very tiny needle is used and not only is the process very quick but it is also painless. The pain you feel will not even amount to that of an ant bite.

Once you get the cortisone injections, you can expect the inflammation to go away very quickly. At least, much more quickly than if you were to depend on OTC anti-acne medications and other medication for acne. Wait a few days and you will see the acne soften and eventually flatten out; some people even say that their acne breakouts go away after just a week.

Not only will steroid injections remedy your acne problem faster but they also lessen the chances of you developing scars. If you are prone to hyperpigmentation and scarring this may be the best for of treatment for you. People who have keloid scars and hyptertrophic scars may also turn to cortisone injections to remedy their problems.

Possible Side Effects

Cortisone injections may sound like a gift from the heavens but it does come with its downsides. For instance, if you go to an inexperienced doctor and he uses too much cortisone, the fat around the pimple can atrophy. The area around the skin will look depressed.

It might seem alarming but the depressions go away, though it may take several months. There are times though that the loss of tissue becomes permanent. If you want to try out cortisone injections, you should talk to your doctor first and consider the pros and cons carefully.

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