Skin Care for Acne Free Skin

skin care for acneYou can spend thousands of dollars on the most expensive makeup but they will not look good unless you take good care of your skin.  Not only do you make sure you have clear, glowing skin but you will also avoid acne break outs and flare ups. There are many commercial products that help prevent and remedy and many home-made masks that you can try out that are great skin care for acne. You can mix and match the home made to come up with a routine that works for you. Do bear in mind, there is no cure for acne but there are some steps you can take daily that will make sure they never rear their ugly heads.

Below Are Some Steps for Skin Care for Acne

Clean the skin

  • If you suffer from acne, you need to make sure that you use a skin care for acne regimen. Wash the acne prone areas with a gentle facial cleanser so you do not dry out or irritate the skin. You need to make sure your rinse out the soapy residue using lukewarm water so all the gunk is flushed out. Using cold water will cause the pores to close up.

Tone the skin

  • Once you have cleaned the skin, grab hold of some witch hazel toner or even a commercial one so you can remove every last bit of cleanser residue that may have stayed on the skin. Using a toner also ensures that the pH level of the skin is balanced.

Exfoliate the skin

  • Experts say that dead skin cells that stay on the surface of the skin clog up the pores when they mix with oils and dirt. These clogged pores become inflamed and thus cause breakouts. By using an exfoliator to scrub away the dead skin cells and dirt, you prevent any breakouts from happening.

Using masks

  • You may opt for commercial masks or you can make one on your own to save money any steer clear of any irritants. It is all up to you but a mask will deep clean your pores that has a tightening effect on the face and minimizes the appearance of the pores. There are many recipes for homemade masks to battle acne with ingredients that you can find in your kitchen.

Drying out your blemishes

  • If you do get the occasional flare-up, you can reach for an OTC acne product that contains salicylic acid or perhaps benzoyl peroxide since these do away with pimples and dry them out. If you do not have these in your medicine cabinet but you have some lemons and apple cider vinegar in your kitchen, you can use those too.

Banish scars

  • There are times when you just cannot prevent yourself from popping and picking at your zits. As you may already know, you must ever pop your zits because chances are high they will leave scars. But if it is already too late, you may use face creams that contain glycolic acid since it is known to help reduce skin discolorations. You may also use vitamin e since it is proven to help reduce the appearance of scars.

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