Safe and Natural Acne Remedies for Pregnant Women

natural acne remedies for pregnant women Pregnant women need to take care of themselves because in doing so, they also make sure that their babies stay safe and sound. Now pregnant women can handle a lot of things and they can even exercise but they have to be extra careful with the things they come in contact with and ingest because there are some chemicals that can cause birth defects.

Now, pregnant women go through a lot of hormone changes and this sometimes results in acne. You better believe that it is not the best feeling in the world to feel bloated and clumsy and have to deal with an acne outbreak. If you happen to be pregnant and dealing with acne, you better be mindful of the things you slather on to combat it. Try to steer clear of cleansers and acne spot creams that are laden with chemicals- you can always try natural acne remedies that work wonders and will not cause you to panic over the health of your baby.

Natural Acne Remedies for Pregnant Women

You have so many things to worry about and acne should not be one of them. But if you feel it is time to battle them and get rid of them (or at least get them under control) below are some natural remedies you can try that are safe and effective for pregnant women.

  • When life gives you lemons, use the juice for acne

This has to be one of the cheapest and most effective ways to deal with acne when you are pregnant. Simply squeeze the juice of one lemon and dab it on your zit with the use of a q-tip. Never use your fingers to dab the juice on the zit because you might get more dirt on it which will bring about more infections.

  • Try coconut oil

That store-bought moisturizer you have been using for years may not agree with your body chemistry when you have turned into a crazy hormone factory. Why not try a natural moisturizer that has no chemicals and contains antibacterial properties like coconut oil? It may freak you out to slather oil on your face but one to two drops can clear up your acne in days and give you soft and supple skin.

  • Get zinc in your diet

Lack of zinc in the body can bring about an acne breakout and since the placenta happens to need zinc, it is but natural for the body to transport most of its reserves there. Ask your OB about taking extra zinc supplements that will do your baby good and bring balance to your body at the same time.

These natural acne remedies for pregnant women are safe from chemicals and if you believe they do not work and you should try something stronger, always ask your doctor for advice. Some acne treatments contain Accutane which is known to cause serious birth defects. It is better to be safe than to be sorry after all and when it comes to your baby best err on the safe side at all times.

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