Preventing and Getting Rid of Facial Acne

facial acne Getting acne on the back or on the chest is one thing but, getting acne on the face is another thing entirely mainly because the red lesions are just so visible. Indeed, achieving a flawless visage seems to be an endless uphill battle but it can be done.  You just need some patience and tips on how to maintain your skin so you avoid facial acne before they even develop. Prevention is after all better than cure and simply mastering these steps is a must for anyone who wants a flawless face free of acne and scars.

Steps to Avoiding Facial Acne

  1. It is a good idea to continue or at least start a basic routine that involves cleaning and moisturizing your skin. You should get to know what type of skin you have so you can pick out the appropriate cleansers. It is very important to wash and moisturize the face first thing in the morning and before bed time if you want to prevent facial acne from rearing their ugly red heads. When cleansing the face, rub the cleanser as gently as you can- avoid pulling or scrubbing because the skin on the face happens to be very delicate and you will just do more harm than good by being too rough.
  2. If you do get blemishes, you should rub on some OTC acne-fighting medication on them. before you reach for the super-strength ones, it is better to try out the ones with the mildest formulations. It cannot be stressed enough how you must never pop, pick, or press the zits no matter how tempting it gets because you will just make things worse by spreading acne causing bacteria to other spots which creates even more acne. Besides, all that squeezing and popping may result in scarring that is extremely difficult to cover up and get rid of.
  3. It is not just facial acne you need to watch out for because these can pop up all over the body. If you already have acne all over the body, you may try a medicated facial wash made especially for oily skin. After you clean your skin, grab some salicylic acid and apply a thin layer all over the affected areas.
  4. Now if you wear makeup on a daily basis invest in the ones that are labeled non-comedogenic and oil-free. These may be pricier but they will not clog your pores so they are worth every bit of money. You will want to check out new mineral makeup ranges as these are also great for acne prone skin.

It is very important that you avoid touching your face because your hands can introduce more oil, bacteria, and dirt to your skin which can result in facial acne. Try not to rest your chin on the hands or fiddling with healing blemishes. You should also keep your hair away from your face as much as possible since this can cause acne and you do not want to deal with that.

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