Prevent Teen Acne the Natural Way

Prevent Teen AcneAs a parent, nothing could be worse than seeing your kids so upset over something as small as teen acne and it is not like you can sit there and just hope the problem will go away as you need to help your kid out. Before you reach for those extra-strength all-chemical acne treatments, you may want to consider more natural ways to prevent teen acne. After all, when used correctly, natural products always work out for the best.

To prevent teen acne, you have to convince your teenager that it is a matter of cleaning up both on the inside and out; most people say the skin is the third kidney and it is where all the other impurities escape the body. Below are some tips you may want to try as they can do a long way to help you prevent teen acne.

Watch What You Eat

So far, there are no foods that have been proven to cause acne. But there are some people who have adverse reactions to some types of food without knowing it and they in turn cause breakouts. During this time, it is best to keep a close eye on what types of food your kid eats and take note of any skin reactions.

Keep Clean

Maintaining good hygiene cannot be stressed enough. You teenagers must know it is always important to keep your hands and face clean so dirt doesn’t get the chance to enter and infect your pores. For keeping hands clean, use an anti-bacterial soap after coming in contact with dirty objects or greasy food.

Try to wash your face a couple of times a day and for the young ladies who wear makeup, make sure you remove every trace of it at the end of the day with a mild and un-perfumed cleanser. To give your cleanser a little extra kick, add 1 drop of juniper oil to ¼ cup of your cleaner. This essential oil acts as an antibacterial that can kick bacteria to the curb.

But Not Too Clean

To prevent teen acne, some people will believe it is best to dry out the zits and spots but using harsh cleaners that dry out the skin may just make the problem worse. Acne reviews always say pure witch hazel is the best toner because can get rid of excess oil on the face and will not cause it to dry out.

Treat Your Face

Parents may purchase tincture of myrrh and put several drops in a bowl of water. This should be used to wipe down the face as its antibacterial properties kill bacteria that cause acne. Another treatment involves steaming the face and a hot compress. For this, you will need:

  • 2 drops of juniper oil
  • 2 drops of bergamot oil
  • 2 drops of lavender oil

The oils must be mixed with a bowl of very hot water where your kid then holds his face over with a towel so as to get as much of the steam as possible; a washcloth may also be dipped in the mixture and cooled slightly before applied to the face. After ten minutes, splash the face with cool water and apply just a bit of the oil mixture all over the face.

These natural remedies are just suggestions and it is best to consult a dermatologist first before you try them out.

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