Prevent Acne Breakouts with Watermelon

Prevent Acne Breakouts with WatermelonAcne is the result of excessive sebum and bacteria that plug the pores. It commonly appears on a person’s face, neck, back, and chest.  Acne may be manifested in the form of whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples. To have whiteheads on the skin means that the pores are being blocked by dead skin cells. Acne manifesting itself on the skin as a blackhead means that the pores are exposed to air which oxidize the surface of the pore making it appear like a black blotch on the affected area. People who have pimples on their body indicate that the plugged pores have become infected.

Watermelon for Acne Prevention

Suffering from acne affects a person physically and psychologically.  Acne leaves scar marks on the body and rips the person, suffering from it, of self confidence. Before this happens, it is always important to remember that an ounce of prevention will always be better than an ounce of cure.

There are many ways to prevent acne from occurring, and proper hygiene is always number one on the list.  Making it a regular habit to clean your face twice a day with a mild soap and warm water is a good start to keep acne at bay.  The same importance should also be given to a pair of clean hands. Touching the face with grimy hands will only invite bacteria on your face.

Number two on the list of preventive acne measures is maintaining a well balanced food intake. Proper Nutrition plays a big part in the way a person’s skin appears. Eating fruits and vegetables will help keep the skin supple and young. One such fruit that can help prevent acne is watermelon.

Watermelon’s Acne Prevention Powers

A lot of people eat watermelon because of its refreshing juice.  However, not many people know that watermelon for acne prevention is possible.  The list below tells you why watermelon is beneficial:

  • Watermelon for acne helps heal the scars. All you have to do is massage the watermelon’s pulp on your face.  Leave it for about ten minutes and wash off with warm water.  In doing so, you will be introducing a natural skin toner to your skin.  Watermelon is a good for toning and balancing the oil on the skin.
  • Fluids are important for healthy skin. Watermelon is a tropical fruit that is rich in water content.  Drinking the watermelon’s juice can keep the skin hydrated.  Regular drinking of watermelon juice can also help flush toxins from the body that can cause acne breakouts.
  • Eating watermelon for acne prevention works through the body’s blood circulation. Watermelon helps promote healthy blood circulation which in turn nourishes the skin.
  • A healthy helping of watermelon for acne can help introduce antioxidants to the body. Antioxidants help balance the body’s cell molecules keeping the skin elastic and supple.  The antioxidants help protect the body from free radicals that destroy the skin’s dermal layer.
  • Eating watermelon for acne can also introduce vitamins A, E, and C into the body’s system. All three vitamins are key ingredients in retaining moisture in the skin.

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