Natural Remedies to Remove Acne Scars on the Face

treat acne scars naturallyAcne is one of those skin conditions that can pull down your confidence and self-esteem. And it does not stop there; it leaves marks on the face called the acne scars. Scarring is the end result of the body’s response to attacking the debris and skin inflammation. Though picking acnes worsen the scarring, acne’s presence alone can leave marks. However, there are several methods to fade the scars of acne on face and any other blemishes and discoloration. Some procedures and methods would include:

  • Bleaching creams
  • Laser treatments
  • Microdermabrasion procedures

Despite these carefully studied clinical treatments, you may find yourself skeptical about relying on costly laser procedures and creams packed with potent chemicals. If you think about it – costly and side effects – in fading face scars, is it worth it? Now, do ways to treat acne scars naturally ring a bell? Let’s see.

The Advantages of Using Natural Remedies over Synthetic Treatments

  • Natural remedies are made from natural products. Therefore, they are safe.
  • These natural remedies can be eaten safe if not whole but as part of the ingredients of certain recipes. Can you eat synthetic products? Then why use them?
  • They are just found around your kitchen. Saves you time and effort.
  • They are cheaper ten times fold than clinical procedures and treatments.

These things are some of the reasons why many would still prefer to treat acne scars naturally on face than risking it all out to these expensive and packed full of chemical treatments. There is nothing to lose here since you are dealing with all natural products. But, it is important that you consult your dermatologist on using natural treatment on your face acne scars for proper advice.

The Natural Remedies to Fade Acne Scars

  • Lemon

Lemon has natural bleaching action that can fade and lighten acne scars on face and it is also a good method to dry up acne prone and oily parts of the face.

  1. Cut equally the lemon into 2 parts.
  2. Into a medium-sized bowl, squeeze the juice out from the lemon.
  3. Mix the extracted lemon juice with a cup of water.
  4. Soak clean washcloth into the mixture.
  5. Apply the soaked cloth into the acne scars by pressing it gently for few minutes daily.
  • Natural Oils

Natural oils extracted from rosehip seeds, vitamin E, and olives all have regenerative and restorative properties that can help fade the acne scars on your face. In fact, Vitamin E is among those that dermatologists recommend to treat acne scars naturally.

  1. You can get either of these 100 percent natural oils from your organic and food stalls and stores.
  2. Using just a mild soap, clean your skin to remove oil, dirt, and make-up.
  3. In using the olive oil, rub ample amount into the face scars 4 to 5 times every day.
  4. Use Vitamin E oil as your daily moisturizer by rubbing just enough oil into the scars at least once daily.
  5. On a regular use basis, rub rosehip seed oil into the scars two times daily gently and stay for few minutes to be absorbed.

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  1. I think fading the scars will be a good idea rather than spending a lot of money on expensive creams and treatments. I don’t really know if they are effective or not.

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