Natural Facial Remedies for Combination Skin Types

Natural Facial Remedies for Combination Skin TypesCombination skin means skin that is either oily and dry or normal. This skin type is caused by imbalance in the hormones and genetic factors that can cause overproduction of the sebaceous glands in certain areas of the skin. People with combination skin have an oily T-zone, and these T-zones include the nose, forehead, and chin. Moreover, combination skin types require a different skin care regimen compared to oily or dry skin types. To care for your combination skin does not require you to spend expensively on cosmetics. There are natural remedies and skin care tips to help naturally treat combination skin types.

Natural Cleansers

Cleanse your skin naturally using organic cosmetics. A good natural cleanser for combination skin types is raw honey. The most natural form of honey is the raw honey which can help treat skin problems because of its skin healing properties. It helps in the dry areas of combination skin types by retaining its moisture as well. Honey is found to have a soothing effect and is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The antiseptic properties of honey can reduce bacteria on the skin by helping combat acne in the oily areas of combination skin types.

Natural Moisturizers

Glycerin is found to moisturize combination skin naturally. To use, you will need to mix four parts of distilled water into one part of glycerin onto your fingertips and massage it on the skin. For treating combination skin during cold weather conditions, try to add a drop of almond or lavender oil to the moisturizer before applying it to the dry areas of the skin to help seal in moisture. However, glycerin is not an effective sun protection but there are other natural products that contain sunscreen. Some oils can be great moisturizers and has their own natural fragrance as well.

Natural Toners

Toning the skin is always important in the skin care regimen. For combination skin types, it acts out to help balance the skin. Toner helps remove cleanser residue from the skin and can remove and redistribute excess sebum from oily areas while gently moisturizing the dry areas of combination skin. To make a natural toner, you can try a solution made of cucumbers and water every after cleansing the skin. Astringent toners such as lemon juice are too harsh for combination skin types so it would be best to avoid this kind of natural toners. On the other hand, hydrosols such as rose water are also excellent natural toners for combination skin. Astringent products help strip oil from the skin and also produce excess oil to replace the stripped oil.

Yogurt Cleanser

Yogurt contains alpha hydroxyl acid that helps remove dead skin and can exfoliate and moisturize in return. Yogurt cleanser is gentle to combine skin types and therefore cannot cause harm to your skin. To use this remedy, you can try a quarter-sized amount of yogurt and apply it onto skin as you would soap. Plain yogurt with no added sugar is best use for treating combination skin.

There are more natural remedies to treat combination skin and these can be found in your kitchen and are easy to use. Enjoy!

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