Natural Beauty

Natural BeautyWhat people do not now that sometimes the best remedy for their beauty problems can be found in their kitchens and gardens. These home herbal remedies and aids for natural beauty are free from harsh chemicals and really deliver powerful results and are worth a try. From acne to cellulite, these natural remedies will have you looking your best in no time.

Natural Products For Natural Beauty

  1. Aloe for acne- this gel may be bought from a health food store or people may harvest leaves from their own gardens. It is very effective in reducing acne scars and eliminating a range of other skin conditions. Apply the gel sparingly to affected areas.
  2. Aloe for wrinkles- aloe is an excellent source of potent AHAs. People may use fresh leaves from their plants alone or buy only the highest quality aloe gel. To use for wrinkle prevention, the face must be washed with hot water and a bit of vinegar to make sure all oils and dirt are removed. Take a generous amount of aloe gel and juice and allow leave on face overnight. The skin may feel tacky but after a splash of cool water in the morning, it will be soft and smooth.
  3. Aloe lip gloss- aloe lip gloss is not only good for keeping your lips moist and smooth but it is also easy and fun to make. For this, gather 1 oz. aloe gel, 1 oz. cold-pressed extra-virgin coconut oil, a tiny pinch of alkanet. Mix the aloe gel and coconut oil; add a pinch of alkanet to the coconut oil and leave in a warm place overnight to allow infusion. During warm summer months, this lip gloss is best stored in the icebox.
  4. Berberine face wash- this wash kills bacteria that cause acne breakouts. To make this wash, mix a teaspoon of dried Oregon grape root (chopped) with a teaspoon of chopped goldenseal root. Mix the herbs with a cup of water and heat until boiling lower heat and allow to simmer for 20 more minutes. Strain the herbs, let the mix cool and use as facial wash or compress.
  5. Best skin food- this is made from lemon and milk which combines the best of food properties and astringent properties in one simple wash. To make this, take a slice of lemon and place in a tea cup over which a half a teacupful of hot milk is to be added. Leave it for a few minutes after which it is to be strained; throw the curd away. After using your usual facial wash at night, work the clear liquid onto your skin in gentle circular and patting motions. Make fresh every day.
  6. Burdock tea- this tea is excellent for skin that needs a bit of detox. To make it, take one tablespoon of dried burdock root and simmer in 2 cups of water for approximately 20 minutes. Four cups may be taken daily and tea may also be used to wash the body and face. Cooled tea may be applied to skin with a face cloth and rinsed with cool water.
  7. Calendula face rinse- this tea stimulates the cells and fights off wrinkles and acne-causing bacteria. To make the tea, simply steep a tablespoon of dried calendula flowers or a handful of fresh petals in a cup of hot water for about 10 minutes or so. Allow it to cool to room temperature then strain. The tea may be applied to the face with a cotton cloth or ball. It may even be used as a base for home-made lotion.
  8. Calendula milk facial- a lotion can be made from a cup of fresh calendula tea and two cups of milk. Simply mix the milk and tea and allow to simmer for about 10 minutes. Allow to cool and use as a facial wash.
  9. Chamomile tea for puffy eyes- to reduce puffy eye bags and diminish the appearance of puffy eyes, soak clean cotton pads or balls in cool chamomile tea. The tea bags may be used as poultices as well. To make this, simply brew tea as usual and allow to cool before using.
  10. Cleansing grains- these grains are a perfect alternative to soap. to make this, mix a cup of finely ground oats, two cups of white clay, 1/4 cup of almonds (finely ground), ¼ cup of lavender (finely ground), 1/8 roses (finely ground), and a few drops of peppermint, orange, or lavender oil. To use, mix a teaspoon or two with water and make a paste. Massage gently in skin and use warm water to rinse.
  11. Fumitory tea- this tea is excellent in fading freckles and other blemishes that mar the skin. It may be drunk as tea or the infusion can be used as a compress for skin problems.
  12. Homemade rose and sweet flower oils- gather a great quantity of fragrant leaves along with the stalk and flowers also, cord thin layers of cotton or cheese cloth. These layers can be dipped in Florence oil or high grade extra virgin olive oil. Place alternate layers of cotton and plant material in a large tumbler or glass jar and make sure to sprinkle a pinch of salt between each layer. Cover the jar tightly and place in a window with maximum sun exposure. After a week or two, squeeze the cloth and plants and fine oil will be extracted.
  13. Lavender infused oil- to make this oil, break the buds apart and store in clean, dry jar. Make sure the carrier oil is one that carries only a very light scent like almond oil for done. Pour oil over the herbs and make sure they are completely covered. People who are using dried flowers have to make room for expansion so add a few more inches of oil to the top. When using fresh plants check for moisture and dry off at the top of the jar. Leave for 3 weeks in a cool place to infuse properly. Strain and remove every bit of plant material and place in different bottles for use.
  14. Lemon balm toner- for this toner, 2 ½ cups of lemon balm leaves are needed. For people who are using dried leaves, one cup should be enough. 16 oz. witch hazel extract, 2 oz. vodka, and 1 oz. vegetable glycerine. Allow the fresh leaves to wilt and mix ingredients together. Places in a clean jar with a tight-fitting lid. Make sure the leaves are covered completely by the liquid. Allow to sit in a cool and dark cupboard for about two weeks and shake occasionally. Strain out all plant material and put in a clean bottle.
  15. Lemon mud pack- takes an egg white and lemon juice and mix them in a saucer. Add fuller’s earth to form a stiff sort of paste. Cover the face with the paste and sit still for about thirty minutes; the paste will dry and feel stiff and uncomfortable. It can be removed my dipping a sponge in warm water and rubbing the face with it. Dry your face with a towel, wipe with astringent, and moisturize.
  16. Moisturizing facial toner- for this gentle toner, gather ¼ cup distilled water, two tablespoons high quality aloe vera gel, two tablespoons glycerine, ten drops geranium oil, ten drops geranium oil, four drops lemon oil, two drops cypress oil. Mix all the ingredients and shape vigorously. Transfer to a spray mist bottle as this works best for application. Must be used in two months and stored in a cool place. It may even be refrigerated.
  17. Moroccan red clay facial- this facial is great for oily faces. Mix 1 tbsp. red clay with 4 to 5 drops of tea tree oil, 4 to 5 drops of lavender oil, and 2 to 3 tbs. of water. Once it has formed into a kind of paste, dot it into areas of the skin and leave on for 15 minutes. This can be used for normal skin if red clay is substituted for green.
  18. Orange glow- take a few drops of sweet orange essential oil and blend with facial wash or shower gel. Apply to skin and enjoy a nice glowing look after.
  19. Peony flower water- to create this refreshing flower water, take a cup of fresh peony petals and steep in a cup of cold water for 30 minutes ten simmer on low heat for 10 minutes. Allow to cool and strain all the plant material out and it is ready for use. May keep for up to seven days.
  20. Peppermint lemon toner- this toner is not only good for the skin but is very refreshing too. People will need an ounce if dried peppermint leaves ort a handful or fresh ones. Half a cup of witch hazel, and 2 drops of lemon oil. Pour a cup of boiling water in the leaves and turn off the heat. Allow to steep in a covered container until cool. After, add lemon oil and witch hazel.
  21. Rapturous rose cold cream- gather 1 ½ cups of fresh rose petals, 6 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 ½ teaspoons of beeswax (grated), and a teaspoon of distilled water. The oil must be heated in a double boiler, stir in rose petals in the oil and remove from the heat. Pour into heavy jar and allow to infuse for 7 days. Strain with muslin or cheesecloth and set aside. Beeswax is to be melted in the double boiler and the rose-infused oil is to be stirred. Remove from heat and gradually add water while stirring from time to time. Stir until the desired consistency is reached and stir in a wide mouthed jar.
  22. Rose water- home-made rose water is really quite useful and very easy to make. For this recipe gather fresh unsprayed rose petals (red petals with a strong smell are recommended, but use what is available), witch hazel or vodka, and distilled water. The first step is to place petals in a quart sized jay. Add ¾ witch hazel to ¼ water and pour this over the rose petal; leave an additional couple of inches above the submerged petals. Cover and place in a warm place away from direct sunlight. This can be strained and rebottled in a few weeks.
  23. Spearmint steam refresher- add a few drops of spearmint oil to the bath as this is very refreshing. Put a few drops in a bowl of steaming water and use to cleanse and tighten large pores.
  24. Spearmint tea- to make this tea, take a teaspoon of dried spearmint leaves or a handful of fresh ones and add to a cup of tea. This is a very easy mint to grow and the fresh leaves can be used for drinks and also as garnish.
  25. Spirulina skin food kitchen products- to make spirulina cleanser take 250 g of natural yogurt, 5g of honey, 3g of spirulina powder, and 4 drops of rosemary essential oil. Simply mix all the ingredients and apply to face. Rinse well with warm water and used spirulina toner. This toner consists of 10ml apple cider vinegar, 2g of spirulina powder, 80ml distilled water, and 4 drops of lemon or cedar wood oil.
  26. Tea tree acne treatment- to help get rid of widespread acne, mix 15 ml of tea tree oil with 100ml of carrier oil like jojoba or coconut oil. Non-greasy, white lotion will also work. Cleanse the skin as usual and pat dry then apply the solution to face. Use solution twice per day.
  27. Thyme vinegar- this can be used for cooking dishes and as a facial rinse. For this recipe, gather thyme sprigs and strip the leaves off of them. Bruise the leaves and put them inside a bottle. Pour in cider vinegar until leaves are fully submerged and leave in a sunny window for several weeks and be sure to shake from time to time.
  28. Wart remedies- this is an infallible remedy for warts and is very simple. All that is needed is a fresh dandelion with the stem. The end is squeezed and a milky drop of dew appears. This is to be rubbed directly to the wart several times a day. The furry insides of the broad bean pod may also be rubbed but dandelion juice is far more effective. If dandelions and broad bean pods aren’t available, watercress, figs, and pineapples can be used the same way.
  29. Wrinkle prevention- this formula can be used on the chest, neck, and face at night. Simply dilute a few drops of orange, fennel, geranium, or chamomile oil in two tablespoons of hazelnut, apricot kernel, or almond oil.

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