Natural Acne Cleansing Routine

atural Acne Cleansing RoutineAre you sick and tired of buying facial products that promise to make your acne go away but do not really do anything? Yes, that can be very frustrating but more annoying are the products that promise to make your acne go away but just make it worse. If you have tried almost every anti-acne product in the market and none of them has worked for you, perhaps it is time to turn to acne cleansing home remedies instead.

It is not easy because you will not get your cleansers from convenient little bottle and tubs. You will have to make them on your own which is a bit of a relief, isn’t it? When you make your acne cleansing home remedies, you know exactly goes into them and what doesn’t go into them. You will be cleaning and helping to remedy your acne with good old natural ingredient and zero harmful chemicals.

Some basic natural acne cleansing home remedies to try:

Oil Cleansing Method (OCM)

This method works on the premise that oil dissolves oil. It breaks down excess sebum in the face and yet doesn’t completely strip the skin of oils that it needs. You can try this 3-4x a week as part of your nighttime skin cleansing routine.

For your oil mix, you will need carrier oil and some other oils like castor which draws out dirt and impurities from the pores. Good carrier oils include VCO, EVOO, sunflower oil, and grapeseed oil just to name a few.

Use about 70% carrier oil with 30% castor oil if your skin is especially oily. Add a few drops of tea tree or lavender oil if you have acne. People with dryer skins need to reduce the amount of castor oil since it may dry out your skin.

Orrisroot as Cleanser

OCM is very good but it does take time and you can’t skip washing your wash just because you can’t do OCM.  This is where Orrisroot powder comes in. It is a very gentle facial cleanser that also happens to be extremely moisturizing. It also smells like violets which is a massive bonus. Mix it with water (or yoghurt or aloe gel) and put in on your face in gentle circular motions. Allow it to stay for about 3-minutes at least and just rinse off with warm water.

Chickpea Flour Mask

If you have extremely oily skin, this chickpea flour will do you good and you can use it in place of the orrisroot. You prepare it and apply it the same way as orrisroot and it will suck up all the excess sebum from your face without using harsh chemicals. You can find this in most Asian food stores.

Cleaning without Chemicals

When you use chemical cleansers try to read the label on the back. The more ingredients you see, the more the product should worry you. There is no need to over complicate your skin care routine and these acne cleansing home remedies prove it.  Ask your doctor about natural cleansing methods.

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