10 Most Common Misconceptions about Acne

10 Most Common Misconceptions about AcneAre you planning to wage a war on your acne breakouts? If that is the case then it pays to know your enemy. In the case of acne, there are many truths and half-truths going around that can affect your victory. There are even some downright lies floating out and about that will completely sabotage your battle to banish those nasty and painful red bumps on your skin. To help you in your battle against breakouts, check out the most common misconceptions on acne below.

Common Misconceptions on Acne

1. Chocolate causes acne – This is perhaps one of the most common misconceptions on acne. If you love chocolate and you have been laying off for fear of developing acne then fear no more! Chocolate doesn’t at all cause acne although if you ate chocolate, didn’t wash your hands, and touched your face then that is a different story altogether. Also, enjoy the good kind (like dark chocolate) and not the sugary junk they sell in markets.

2. Popping pimples helps – This is the worst thing you can do to your pimple! Not only can it lead to bleeding and scabbing but it can also lead to infections and scars.

3. Washing your face frequently – Washing might get rid of dirt but it might also dry your skin and irritate it too boot. You do not have to wash your face more than a couples of times per day. If you feel really oily then use blotting papers or splash some water and pat your face dry.

4. Only teenagers get acne – Teenagers commonly get acne; thanks to rampaging hormones but older people can get them too. Adult acne happens and it can happen to you as well.

5. Sunbathing gets rid of acne – Sunbathing does dry out your acne but this is a short term fix. You do not want to rely on this method for the long haul since it will damage your skin and it might give you skin cancer.

6. Makeup causes acne – There are some kinds of makeup that cause acne and if you do not remove it, then it will bring acne breakouts. Try to go for oil-free and non-comedogenic makeup and make sure you remove all traces of it before you go to bed.

7. You may stop acne medication once your acne is gone – If you are put in medication for acne, do not stop once your acne clears. You need to get permission of your doctor first.

8. Stress causes acne – Some stress medication may bring about acne as a side effect. If you are not sure what causes your acne, talk to your skin doctor.

9. Acne is curable – There is no known cure for acne just yet but there are plenty of products to hasten their healing and reduce scarring.

10. You cannot prevent acne from scarring – The best way to prevent acne from scarring is to not get acne in the first place. If you already have them, apply acne remedies before the breakout gets worse.

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