Modern Acne Treatment with the Isolaz Vacuum and Light Therapy Method

Modern Acne Treatment with the Isolaz Vacuum and Light Therapy MethodEspecially beneficial for those who are experiencing persistent cystic acne, the Isolaz treatment makes use of a combination of both laser and vacuum to clear pores and kill acne-causing bacteria. The vacuum helps purify the pores by lifting deeply lodged debris and bringing it closer to the surface of your skin for manual removal later on. The combination of the vacuum and light therapy treatment offers a revolutionary solution for those plagued by persistent cystic acne.

Pros of Using Isolaz Vacuum and Light Therapy Method

The Isolaz treatment is an FDA-approved laser treatment method for patients with acne. Isolaz can help treat cystic or hormonal acne, pimples, blackheads, and those tiny bumps which seem to never clear from your skin. Patients who have used Isolaz before have reported to have smoother skin after the treatment which was painless as well. Contrary to popular belief that laser treatments always hurt, the Isolaz treatment makes use of a painless broadband light which is what destroys acne-causing bacteria while sloughing off the oil and layer of dead skin cells away.

The vacuum works to gently lift the impurities lodged into the pores to make way for the laser light to kill bacteria on your skin. From patient reviews, skin has been reported to be tighter and has a radiant kind of glow. The combination of heat and light to kill bacteria in a gentle yet noninvasive treatment is what makes Isolaz an appealing painless but modern way to get rid of pimples.

It can help reduce blackheads as well as fights wrinkles since it helps in tightening the skin. This treatment is also beneficial for all skin tones—unlike other laser treatments which may cause unwanted effects for those who have light or dark skin.

Cons of Using Isolaz Vacuum and Light Therapy Method

One of the main downsides of Isolaz is that because of its modern treatment method, it costs more than the usual acne treatments which make use of washes or gels. For every treatment, one would have to pay about $800.  Treatment times vary from person to person, but it may range from 45-60 minutes depending on the skin condition of the patient. This is why consulting a professional dermatologist about this treatment is advised before making use of it on your skin.

Because it makes use of a vacuum to suck out pores, some reviews do not recommend making use of the Isolaz treatment for those who have sensitive skin or cases of rosacea. Generally, the after effects of the Isolaz treatment may cause redness and a bit of sensitivity on your skin which will eventually pass after 2-3 days. This is usually seen in patients who haven’t had a deep cleansing in a while.

While this laser treatment method is FDA approved, it would still be wise for you to seek counsel from your dermatologist to confirm if the Isolaz treatment method will benefit your skin condition. Since it works in a gentle manner, it helps in efficiently cleansing your skin which can help prevent breakouts. Keep in mind though that a dermatologist can still best assess if your skin would be suitable for this kind of modern treatment.



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