Manuka Honey for Acne – Does it Work?

manuka honey for acne The appearance of a single zit is usually enough to send people into a light panic but a face-full of acne should be enough to send most people climbing up the walls in panic and desperation. After all, the acne is bad enough in itself but the thought of any scarring it may leave behind is quite horrifying. Before reaching for any industrial strength creams and cleaners, know that while they may work on the first try they may actually do more harm than good to the skin in the long run. It is better to stick to all-natural anti-acne products like Manuka honey for instance.

Manuka honey for acne is like a match made in heaven because this special honey harvested from the manuka bushes in New Zealand has all the properties that make it the perfect acne buster. As it happens, manuka honey is just about the most studies honey today and it is due to these studies that have helped experts come to the conclusion that it is in fact the most powerful medicinal honey available. Not only does it have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties but, it is also an antiseptic and works as an antimicrobial too. Studies have also shown that when using manuka honey for acne works as it penetrates deep down into the skin and delivers its powerful properties straight to the source.

Using manuka honey for acne is a great decision as it packs a powerful one-two punch. Not only does it get rid of any existing acne but it also prevents any breakout from happening in the future as it draws out impurities from the skin and thus prevents sebum and dirt build-up that lead to acne flare-ups. Trying using manuka honey for a week or two and notice not just an improvement on your acne but a change in the overall quality of the skin.

People who want to try out honey for the face must know that not just any honey will do. Sterile manuka honey should be acquired and this is what is spread on the face. It is pretty easy to use manuka honey as just a very thin layer is needed. Allow the honey to stay on the face for 20-minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water; toner may be applied on the skin after but finishing up by patting the face dry with a clean towel is okay too.


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