Maca: A Natural Acne Remedy

Maca: A Natural Acne RemedyMaca is a root that is found to grow in the regions of Peru. It has been used as a food and is believed to provide strength and endurance. Maca is also used to prevent anemia, osteoporosis, tuberculosis, and leukemia as well. For women, it can help with fertility, supports pregnancy, hormonal imbalance, symptoms of menopause, and menstrual problems.

It is said that maca is also a natural acne remedy. The properties of maca can help support health in promoting hormonal balance in both men and women. Maca, like ginseng, is an herb that can support an individual’s body by healing and reaching the balance that it requires.

Maca Root Benefits

Maca root creates a powerful adaptogen within the body. Adaptogens are plants that balance endocrine hormones and the immune system. When taken, it can reduce stress and this can positively affect the body by balancing the hormones. The anti-androgen effects of maca have the ability to suppress the production of DHT from the testosterone which when not suppressed, can cause acne breakouts.

Can Maca Really Help Acne?

Acne breaks out when there is hormonal imbalance and maca can be an effective natural acne remedy since it functions to balance the hormone levels. As maca is found to have no known side effects, taking in maca is much easier for the body to process. Maca can help boost your mood, help your sleeping pattern, and eventually lessen acne breakouts on the face.

Maca and Your Radiant Complexion

Maca can be used in powder or extract form. However, maca applied topically as a facial mask or scrub is much more effective as a natural acne remedy. Maca as a scrub and facial mask can soften the skin and gives out strength, vigor, and clarity in no time.

Studies conducted on the use of maca root topically suggest that it can enhance the firmness of the skin and has inherent protective abilities as a natural acne remedy. Moreover, some skincare companies are starting to offer maca products in many forms.

Skin Benefits of Maca

Maca is becoming more popular in the skin care industry. It was shown that maca root can nourish and soften the skin. It can also stimulate proliferation of fibroblasts in vitro that can result in a radiant-looking skin. Maca is also found to increase collagen synthesis that can enhance the skin’s integrity. In turn, the skin becomes, firmer, smoother, and younger-looking.

In addition, maca root can maintain the thickness of the hair and helps fight hair loss. It also encourages hair growth and maintenance by promoting keratinocyte synthesis. Maca can withstand extreme temperatures as well, so when the weather is either too cold or too hot, your skin is still moisturized.

Maca as a natural acne remedy is effective and is beneficial for the body. It is good that it can help in the hormonal balance and is great for skin as well. So try maca and give yourself a smooth and radiant glowing skin.

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