Is It Safe to Use Hydrogen Peroxide for Acne?

Is It Safe to Use Hydrogen Peroxide for Acne?There are some easy-to-find household materials that can be used to counter acne. If you are looking for inexpensive ways to clear your skin, using hydrogen peroxide for acne is one option you can try at home. Easily found in most drugstores, hydrogen peroxide is used for cleaning minor wounds and it can also be used to counter your acne problems.

Hydrogen Peroxide for Acne – How Does It Work?

Hydrogen peroxide kills bacteria and lifts them away from the skin by bubbling up. When applied on areas affected by acne, it helps decompose the pimples and makes it go away by killing the bacteria. Another effect that hydrogen peroxide has is that it helps dry out the skin and reduce overall oil production. By doing so, it works as a good preventative solution for controlling breakouts.

Upon application on the skin, the process of oxidation takes place and this is what helps clear out the pores. By cleaning out the pores, acne breakouts can be reduced, and you are countering the chances of bacterial growth on your skin. Hydrogen peroxide for acne also works against acne scars because it has a mild bleaching quality that can help fade scars when regularly used over time. Hydrogen peroxide is sometimes used for hair bleaching and teeth whitening products which is it should not be used anywhere else on the skin.

How to Use Hydrogen Peroxide for Acne

Here are the steps you must follow if you intend to use hydrogen peroxide to counter those acne breakouts:

  1. Purchase 3% hydrogen peroxide. Make sure you use only this strength of hydrogen peroxide because this is what is safe for skin care purposes. Anything stronger than this may cause irritation and damage to your skin.
  2. Use your regular cleanser to remove any dirt, oil, or makeup from your skin.
  3. Pat your skin dry with a clean towel, and wait for about 5 minutes to let your skin air dry. Hydrogen peroxide will be absorbed by your skin better if you let it dry first.
  4. Take a clean cotton pad and soak it up with some hydrogen peroxide.
  5. Gently rub it all over your face and evenly distribute hydrogen peroxide on your skin.
  6. Allow your skin to absorb the hydrogen peroxide and wait for 5-10 minutes to let it completely dry.
  7. Take some of your regular moisturizer and use it on your skin. This is to help ensure that you won’t suffer from over drying which may be one of the effects of hydrogen peroxide.

Should You Use Hydrogen Peroxide as an Acne Remedy?

While it is safe to use for skin cleaning purposes, hydrogen peroxide has its own cons such as drying your skin and bleaching it. If you fail to use it properly, you won’t be able to benefit from its anti-acne effects. Make sure to follow the steps carefully if you want to try this skin care trick. If you ever notice irritation or any unwanted effects from it, stop using it immediately and rinse off with water to avoid further irritation.

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